Skype/Zoom Consultation

For international patients or those too far too travel

Video Consultations for International Patients

To facilitate couples who come from abroad or who travel long distances, Siobhan is offering Skype/Zoom consultations. This is not the preferred option for consultations, however, she is making this service available so it's more accessible to those who cannot travel.

Seeing people face to face allows Siobhan to do a visual assessment of each person, give acupuncture and provide specific herbs. With Skype/Zoom consultations she can still give an individualised assessment but she cannot do acupuncture or provide herbs. She will recommend appropriate supplements, provide individual recommendations for each partner, and advise if she feels you need other specific treatments which you may carry out with a local health consultant.

Siobhán recommends seeing both partners for your fertility consultation as each person is 50% of the embryo. The consultation (via Skype/Zoom) for both partners and is 90 minutes in length. Where only one partner can attend it is 30 minutes in length.

To avail of this service please follow the steps below.

1. Book your Skype/Zoom Consultation with Siobhán

You can book your consultation with Siobhán by phoning or emailing the office. Both partners should attend. Phone +353 53 927 0725 or email

2. Complete QUESTIONNAIRE - You should complete a health questionnaire. Complete one questionnaire by each partner. You can download the questionnaire, print it, and then scan or photograph and send it back to us. Questionnaires can be emailed to with the subject title of SKYPE/ZOOM CONSULTATION. You can download the questionnaire here.

3. Make payment - When we receive your questionnaire, you’ll be given information on how to make a payment. This is required five days in advance and secures your booking. When done, you’ll receive confirmation of booking along with Skype or Zoom details for your call.

Consultation fee is as follows:
€200 per couple for a 45-min session.
€150 for single assessment where one partner is not available (30 minute session)

This includes your consultation and one email follow up to answer questions that you might have.

4. Attend Consultation - On the scheduled day, attend your consultation via Skype/Zoom. You should plan to be online 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Get in touch if you have any further questions. As mentioned, this is not the optimal way to have a consultation but it does allow those who are too far away to avail of Siobhán's unique expertise and services.

Siobhan has helped many couples. She provides hope and the opportunity for a family to those who thought it was not possible. She’d like to provide that for you and wishes you much success in your fertility journey.