• Auto-Immune Infertility

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  • Testimonials for Auto-Immune Infertility

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  • Auto-Immune Infertility

    About Auto-Immune Infertility

    Serotonin is a chemical involved in preparing the uterus for pregnancy. Some women are found to make antibodies to the serotonin circulating in their blood. Reproductive immunology has recognised a group of common symptoms in women with this condition including:


    1. Body aches
    2. Pre-menstrual tension
    3. Night sweats, especially over the chest
    4. Thin uterine lining (less than 8 min on day 14)
    5. Poor response to high levels of FSH 
    6. Repeated miscarriage 
    7. Failed IVF cycle
    8. Endometriosis

    Over the past 7-8 years auto-immune problems is on the increase. Many of the medical profession believe that immunity issues may be the third most common cause of infertility (after infections and endometriosis). The main anti-bodies tested are anti-thyroid anti-bodies, anti-phospholipid anti-bodies, natural killer cells and anti-nuclear anti-bodies.


    For treatment of this condition Siobhán aims at strengthening the persons immune system using herbs, specific diet plans and acupuncture. This has been hugely beneficial in helping couples successfully get pregnant and to help prevent miscarriage. She's also done a course on medicinal mushrooms and their uses in treating infertility and general health problems. Research has shown excellent results with medicinal mushrooms for helping women with auto immune fertility conditions.