• Patient Area

    As our patient, we want to give you the best possible chance of success. Please review the information below for information and possible questions you may have.

  • Your First Visit

    You can help us to help you. To make your visit as successful as possible, please take note of the following before you attend for your first visit.

    Arrive Early

    Plan to get here 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment

    If you've never been to the clinic, you should plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment. If you have not familiarised yourself with the map or location, you may have difficulty finding us. You also need time for parking. Arriving early means you will have enough time so that you fully benefit from your scheduled appointment with Siobhan. You can relax in our lobby and will be called at your scheduled time.

    Attend With Your Partner

    Each person is 50% of the embryo

    Both partners should attend the first appointment. You will be seen at the same time, however, you should have an appointment for EACH. When scheduling your appointments, you should booked them 30 minutes apart and arrive at the earliest appointment time. For example, for a 5pm appointment, one is booked at 5pm and one at 5.30pm. Both arrive at 5pm.


    If it's very booked (and for urgent cases only), two partners may come with having only one appointment. Although this is not ideal, Siobhan still prefers to see both partners even if only one appointment spot is available. Please make sure to note both names on the online booking form.


    Siobhan will only do acupuncture on the first visit if she feels it is needed. If two people attend at the same appointment she will do acupuncture only on one person if needed.

    Complete Pre-Visit Form

    Fully Complete the Booking Form by both Partners

    Please complete ALL parts of the pre-visit form. This includes your medical history and any previous fertility treatments. It's important that all sections are completed. The general section, in particular, will greatly assist us when prescribing herbs. A form should be completed by EACH partner. You can download the Pre-visit Fertility form here.


    If you are attending for non-fertility reasons, please complete the Acupuncture and Herbs form which you can download here.

    Lab Reports - Bring Copies

    Bring Copies of any Lab Reports

    If you are bringing lab reports, please bring copies. We do not keep originals and we only hold onto them for 18 months as per GDPR Guidelines. It helps us, however, with our records if you can leave us a copy. Note: there is no need to get additional investigations done prior to your first appointment.


    Search on Google Maps using Eircode Y21C449

    The Sonas Health & Wellness Centre is on the Main Street, upstairs in the Art Bank Building (the old AIB Building) and next to Hers & Sirs Hair Studio. There is detailed information available on finding us here. You can reach us at 053 927 0725.

  • Preparation of Chinese Herbs

    In this video Siobhán describes how to prepare the Chinese Herbs.

    Preparing Herbs

    Please review this video for more information on how to prepare your Chinese Herbs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Should I keep taking herbs if I am ill?

    A: If you become unwell you should stop taking the herbs as advised on the preparation sheet given with herbs.

    Q: Can you post the herbs to me?

    A: Siobhán, as a rule, does not send herbs out in the post, with the only exception being an emergency.

    Q: Can I order herbs and collect them from the Sonas Centre, without an appointment?

    A: Siobhán feels she would need to see a patient before re-prescribing herbs, as a patient’s symptoms/condition may change, unless it is urgent.

    Q: The herbs have upset my stomach, should I stop taking them?

    A: Herbs can occasionally cause mild digestive upset. If this happens, halve your dose and take half an hour after meals. In the unlikely event that you develop any of the following symptoms, stop taking the herbs: severe abdominal pain, persistent nausea or diarrhoea, vomiting. Note that these later symptoms are very rare.

    Q: What does a consultation with Siobhán consist of?

    A: Siobhán takes a patients history to start with. She then examines the patients tongue and, where necessary, blood test results and results from diagnostic procedures. Siobhán then gives a diagnosis from her Midwifery/TCM point of view. Siobhán prescribes herbs on the first visit and only does acupuncture if needed.

    Q: How do I pay Siobhán?

    A: Siobhán does not currently have facilities for credit or debit card payments. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash. There is an ATM in Pettits Supervalu around the corner from the Sonas Centre.

    Q: How do I contact Siobhán?

    A: You can contact Siobhán several ways. You can call the office on 053 927 0725. You send an email to fertilitytreatment.ie@gmail.com, or you can find us on Facebook, just search ‘Siobhán Kehoe Acupuncture & Herbs’ and send us a message from there.

    Q: Do I need to book a double appointment for myself and my partner?

    A: For your initial appointment with Siobhán you will need to book two appointments, one after the other and arrive at the time of the earliest appointment. For follow up appointments Siobhán would prefer and highly advise that a double appointment is booked. However, if only a single appointment is available that may be booked but only one partner can get an acupuncture procedure if needed. Siobhán recommend that both partners attend under these circumstances so she can review your progress and herbal prescription. When booking a single appointment for both of you, please make sure to put both names on the booking form.

    Q: How long do we hold onto your Personal Records?

    A: We only hold onto completed Questionnaire Forms and Medical Records for 18 months. If you haven't already advised us to hold your information, please fill out a new Pre-Visit Form per client on your return visit if over the 18 months since your visit.

  • Fertility Treatment Centre

    Clinics are Monday, Tuesday (9am to 7pm) and every second Saturday (9am to 5pm). Find us at the Sonas Health and Wellness Centre, first floor, 88 Main Street, Bunclody, Co. Wexford Y21 C449. Call 053 927 0725 to see if Siobhán can help and to make your appointment.

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