2 Miscarriages and Secondary Infertility

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This is our story.........My husband and I were blessed with 3 healthy children in our 20's

We had no problems conceiving and easy pregnancies.

We decided to try for our 4th baby when I was 37. We expected it might take a bit longer but miscarriage never crossed our minds.We felt numb and suddenly very helpless when we went for an ultrasound and we were given the news.

We now wanted a baby more than ever but were nervous too. We fell pregnant again 3 months later and went for an early scan. Our baby was measuring 2 weeks behind so we had to come back after a week to be rescanned but the news wasn’t good. We were now full of fear about trying again.

I had heard of Siobhán through a few friends who had success with her. When we met Siobhán we felt she knew us straight away and we had complete confidence in her.

By following her recommendations and those of the nutritionist we began to follow a healthier lifestyle and take the herbs. The fear started to fade and our trust in Siobhán and the universe grew so we relaxed..............

The result is our healthy, beautiful baby boy! He has brought a new level of happiness to our family!

Good luck to everyone and wishing you success! Trust your body and Siobhán.

Elaine Grattan – Tullamore, Co. Offaly.