4 Failed IVF Cycles & 1 Fallopian Tube

Used a Surrogate, Then carried my Own Baby

We thought we were going to continue our married life together childless, until we met Siobhan back in 2012, after 4 failed IVF cycles.

Siobhan just asked a few questions and within minutes had made a plan for us. She looked at my tongue and knew what sort of person I was straight away. She explained I was a golden Child/Adult. I am a complete perfectionist and can't rest or quiet my mind until things are done. I knew that I was giving so much to others, that I was leaving my body exhausted and had nothing left for me. This really struck home as even throughout my fertility issues, I was constantly trying to help and support other women with the same issues. With raw herbs, supplements, acupuncture and diet and promise to practice self-love, we were on our way!

Our dream came through in December 2015 when our identical boys were born through a family surrogate. After 4 failed IVF's an ectopic pregnancy, only one tube in action, and age starting to creep up on us, we were made an offer from a family member we just couldn't refuse.

Siobhan helped nourish my body in preparation for another IVF cycle, after our failures, when we were told we had issues with our egg quality. We proved them wrong and ended up with identical twins, which are extremely rare, and based on the quality of the embryo that's transferred.

This is where it gets better! I went on to carry my own baby and delivered a healthy baby boy in December 2017, after one visit and following Siobhan's programme back in March, within 4 weeks we were expecting! I am so thankful to Siobhan for everything she has done for us.

I have given her name to 14 other women/couples who have all conceived naturally with Siobhan's treatment!

Bea and Shaun Bicheno - Wexford.