High Autoimmune Bloods, Very High Dna Fragmentation, Success in the End.

· Male-Infertility,Auto-immune,ICSI-Failed ICSI Cycle

Our fertility journey started when we were trying for 12 years, when we were initially diagnosed with male factor infertility. We went on to have 5 failed ICSI cycles before we found out that I also had raised natural killer cells and thyroid antibodies. We finally conceived on our 6th cycle with steroids and intralipids. When we decided to try for a second baby we wanted to do everything to improve our chances of success, so when a friend recommended Siobhan we decided to make an appointment with her.

We were amazed by her knowledge and her ability to tell us both exactly what was going on in our bodies by examining our tongues. My periods were very dark and heavy, we followed her advice on diet and supplements, and took the herbs, and medicinal mushrooms she prescribed for about 6 months, after taking the herbs, and the medicinal mushrooms, for this time my periods became much brighter and healthier, before we started a fresh cycle. My husband’s sperm had very high Dna fragmentation which was also treated with the herbs and medicinal mushrooms, and even though the Dna fragmentation was never retested it must have lowered because the blastocysts were of excellent quality. My husband's morphology went from 0% to 15% normal and I had a fantastic response to the medication. We ended up with 8 top quality blastocysts. We got pregnant on that cycle and went on to have another healthy baby. So when we decided to try again with our frozen blasts, we thought there would be no problem but the frozen cycle failed, so we tried again and the next one failed too.

We couldn’t understand why as they were top quality blasts, we used steroids and intralipids again but no joy. Then I realised there was one thing we didn’t do, we didn’t go back to Siobhan!! So I went to see her again and started the herbs, followed her advice again for 4 months, before trying another frozen cycle and I’m to say we got a positive result on this cycle. My womb lining was 11mm on the day of transfer.

Where I had struggled to get to 8mm on the other cycles even with extra oestrogen patches. We are so grateful to Siobhan for her help and advice.

Although the drive to meet Siobhan was 4 hours it was well worth it.

I would highly recommend Siobhan to anybody struggling with any kind of infertility issues. She is a fount of knowledge and genuinely cares.

The infertility journey is a tough one but Siobhan will really do her best to help you to get to the end of it. We have just had an early scan and all is looking great.

Claire – Sligo - July 2019.