5 Miscarriages: Including an Ectopic Pregnancy

Miscarriages, Ectopic Pregnancy and Fallpian Tube partially removed - "We cannot thank Siobhan enough"

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Myself and my husband started trying for a baby in Jan ’11. When I fell pregnant in Feb ’11 we were over the moon, unfortunately this pregnancy ended as it was an ectopic. I had my left Fallopian tube partially removed as it had ruptured.

We tried again and I fell pregnant but this ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks (July ’11). Once again I fell pregnant in oct ’11 but this ended in another miscarriage at 5 weeks.

I had some tests carried out at this stage but they all came back Normal (Nov’11). I first visited Siobhan in July ’12, from her looking at my tongue, hearing my history and learning about my menstrual cycle she advised I start taking Chinese herbs and take a break from trying to conceive for 6 months in order to build up my body and my egg quality (because of my history of repeated miscarriage). To me six months seemed like an eternity so we continued trying to conceive. I fell pregnant again immediately and this also ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks.

As I was loosing patience and wanted a quick fix we attended a fertility clinic to see if they could help us. I attended the clinic in Sept ’12 and they advised I stop taking the herbs while they carried out their tests. They carried out numerous tests on me and my husband which all came back clear. After a larposcopy and dye test they put me on injections to help me get pregnant again (even though I had no problem getting pregnant). I once again got pregnant but this also ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks (Dec ’12). We now found ourselves back at square one having spent a fortune, with no answers and still no baby.

At this stage i decided to give Siobhan another go. This time I was going to do exactly as she recommended. I took Chinese herbs twice daily along with spirulina and green barley for 6 months and took a break from trying to conceive in order to give my body a break. We started trying to conceive again in June ’13 and I fell pregnant in Sept ’13.

Update: July 2014
We now have an absolutely perfect little boy. We are overjoyed with our new arrival as we had so many disappointments in the past (1 ectopic and 4 early miscarriages). We cannot thank and recommend Siobhan enough.