A FERTILE PLAN - 1st Radio Interview

Monthly Series - 1st Interview 21.02.18

· South East Radio

South East Radio (Karen Tomkins) has asked Siobhan to follow 4 couples’ Fertility journeys. These 4 remarkable couples’ will share the truth of their feelings and their fertility journeys to us the listener over the next few months.

Their stories include, 2 couples trying more than 5 years, failed IVFs, PCOS, poor semen analysis, very low AMH (0.5), very high FSH (27) and told donor egg was their only option. This is Siobhan’s first meeting of these 4 couples. Their journey’s will be followed monthly by South East Radio (Karen Tomkins). Siobhan’s method as she explains is simple, “going back to basics”, “believing nature is on our side” and “trusting their bodies”.

Siobhan uses specific herb supplements, healthy diet, some acupuncture and getting the body back into balance. Siobhan offers a new hope to them having their baby, where hope has faded.