"A Fertile Plan" 2nd Radio Interview

2nd Radio Interview on 28.03.18 on South East Radio Monthly Series

· South East Radio

We are now into our 2nd Month of “A Fertile Plan”, South East Radio’s journey with 4 couples who have all encountered problems with fertility. The 4 couples are under the guidance of trained Nurse and Midwife and now specialized in using natural methods including natural herbs, Siobhan Kehoe. Siobhan believes nature is on our side and when the body is back in balance, the body will be then more likely to do what it is meant too, which is conceive and carry a baby full term.

Siobhan has treated hundreds of couples successfully to conceive naturally where IVF has failed and some of whom were given no hope of ever having a baby. She believes in getting the body right before pregnancy happens. Siobhan prescribed the 4 couples acupuncture, a blend of Chinese herbs and taking natural supplements along with a nutritionist’s advice.

We meet Danielle and Stephen first and in the last interview they shared with us the heartbreak of not being able to conceive for 5 years now. That 3 minute wait every month was the hardest thing. Danielle already has a 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and finds this so confusing that now 9 years later she in unable to get pregnant naturally. Her 9-year-old daughter would love her mammy to have a new baby and Danielle often finds her in her bedroom praying for a little baby brother or sister. Danielle has explained that God will decide when we get one. Stephen has issues with his semen too. The couple explain that the “act” had become clinical. It felt like it had to be done other than wanting to do it. Since meeting Siobhan and taking the herbs and supplements, something has changed for the couple. They are feeling more positive and they are enjoying the fun again. It feels like proper “me and him time” and not a chore anymore says the couple. Danielle and Stephen really feel that 2018 is for them.

We meet Ciara and Lorcan next and they have been trying for a baby for 5 years now. They took it for granted that it would happen for them and now feel that age is coming against them. The main focus for Siobhan with Ciara was to address her period in making the flow brighter in colour. Siobhan administered herbs to help with the period pain too. Last month Ciara’s cycle was a normal 5 day with less clotting and a brighter red period. Siobhan also has Ciara doing affirmation’s, which will help her in thinking more positively. Lorcan prefers taking the herbs than having to take capsules to help with the coating on his tongue, even though the smell is getting the better of him. Siobhan does notice a change in the coating of the tongue which in turn will make the semen healthier. Ciara and Lorcan are feeling the benefits of taking Siobhan’s herbs and supplements. They have more energy and are looking better. Ciara’s hair is less greasy and is starting to feel more relaxed. They want to feel well. The couple asked Siobhan if they were ready to get back to nature and start “trying” and Siobhan has given the green light. They are really feeling hopeful.

Next up we meet Aoife and Ken who have being trying for 2 years now. Ken has cut out the cigarettes and alcohol for this journey with Siobhan and in trying to conceive. Siobhan finds with Aoife that PMT (Pre-Menstrual Tension) is a huge issue. PMT is an issue Siobhan finds with a lot of women. With PMT, she feels that the person is holding onto an aspect of fear and fear manifests in putting pressure on ourselves, which in turn causes emotional imbalance and then a hormonal imbalance. Aoife would normally have PMT 1 week before her period. Siobhan has advised her to take Castrol Oil Packs alongside the herbs she has prescribed. The couple asked Siobhan if she could put a time on when they would conceive. Siobhan doesn’t like to put a time on this and it all depends on different contributory factors like stress levels, looking after yourself, getting a balance, getting warm foods into you and more protein into your body because blood needs protein to thrive. If you have a blood deficiency this in turn can prolong your chances in getting pregnant. It’s not complicated, it can just take time to make blood. Aoife and Ken are seeing some changes and they are trying not to give up on their hopes.

Our last couple that we meet are Sarah and Conor. Sarah and Conor have been trying for 3 years now. Sarah would have had very poor amh levels (0.5) and high fsh levels (27). They didn’t even get one egg on their IVF cycle last year. Conor has male fertility issues too. Sarah’s period would have always been irregular but since meeting Siobhan and taking the herbs and supplements, Sarah has had a normal period. The following month she didn’t have her period. Sarah did start to notice some changes, so she did her usual monthly pregnancy check one Saturday morning and to her complete surprise…there were 2 blue lines on the stick. Conor heard the commotion and he too saw the two blue lines…..They were pregnant. Words can’t describe how the couple are feeling. Siobhan herself wasn’t surprised that this had happened for them. Sarah did get some spotting and Siobhan advised them to attend the Early Pregnancy Unit to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully Sarah is 7 weeks pregnant (due to this interview being recorded, this is not real time). The couple have a saying hanging up in their house that reads “Don’t Give Up” and not it reads “We Did It”.

While pregnancy is never guaranteed the other couples are happy and confident to continue their journey of “A Fertile Plan” with Siobhan. Please stay posted for when the next stage of “A Fertile Plan” airs and we will hear how the couples are progressing.