"A Fertile Plan" 3rd Radio Interview


· South East Radio

We are now into our 3rd Month of “A Fertile Plan” with our 4 couples who have all spoken about their challenges with infertility such as failed IVF’s, miscarriages and their chances of conceiving being minimal. The 4 couples have been under the guidance of Bunclody based trained nurse and midwife, Siobhan Kehoe who is a trained Practitioner of Chinese Western Medicine. Siobhan believes that our bodies need to get back into balance, and where Chinese herbs and medicine can help with this journey. Infertility is at 20% which can be found equally in men and women. A third of all who have fertility issues, is often left unexplained.

Ciara and Lorcan have been trying to have a baby for 5 years now and have had 1 failed round of IVF behind them. 3 months into “A Fertile Plan” and Siobhan has seen great improvement and changes for the couple and is advising them to keep taking their herbs and supplements. Ciara feels like she is doing well but as a Funeral Director she is always in demand. Ciara is such a giving person. Siobhan wanted to know from Ciara, what does she do for herself? Siobhan explained to Ciara that she needs to make more “me time” on a daily basis and needs to go back to self-love, live in the moment of the now. Ciara is a perfect example of a Golden Child / Adult.

We meet our second couple, Sarah and Conor. Sarah and Conor have had 1 failed round of IVF (no eggs retrieved) in the past 3 years of trying to conceive for a baby. Sarah has had extremely low amh levels (0.5) and high fsh (27), while Conor has had male fertility issues too. They were told that egg donation was their only option but within 5 weeks Sarah got pregnant naturally. Sarah is 12 weeks pregnant now (at the time of the radio interview – not real time). Sarah’s scan showed that all is great. Sarah feels that 90% of the reason why she is pregnant, is because of the herbs! In the past she would have been injecting herself to allow ovulation to occur but this has done nothing for them. They would definitely recommend trying the natural route with Siobhan prior to going the IVF route. Conor knew that when we first walked into meet with Siobhan, that they were after doing the right thing.

Our third couple, Danielle and Stephen are looking and feeling great when we meet with them. They have been waiting 5 years to try and get pregnant. Stephen has sperm issues and Danielle has cysts. The couple remain upbeat and have found support in sharing their story with the nation by being part of “A Fertile Plan” on South East Radio over the past few months. Danielle and Stephen are continuing to take the herbs and acupuncture to help. Danielle’s period is now a normal cycle and she feels that her body is working with her and not against her. Stephen feels that men need to talk more openly and freely about their infertility issues. The couple are not giving up on trying to conceive. Danielle knows her body will be in tip top form for when the time is right to conceive and she is very proud of themselves in getting ready, to become pregnant.

We now meet Aoife and Ken, our last couple in “A Fertile Plan”. The couple have made some healthy and lifestyle changes since they started meeting with Siobhan by taking their herbs and acupuncture but however, month 3 has brought many challenges for the couple. While extremely happy for them, 3 of their close friends announced within 2 weeks of each other that they were expecting. The couple felt happy for them but sad for themselves on hearing the news. The couple did get their hopes up last month when Aoife’s period was a few days late but this was due to the stress Aoife was carrying but the couple have seen the changes in themselves and instead of being upset, they were being more hopeful. Aoife is seeing significant changes in the last 3 months and this has given them both a lot of hope.

Siobhan is very happy with the progress of all couples, 3 months in. Siobhan has treated hundreds of couples for infertility, many of whom have gone on to conceive naturally, using more traditional methods. Siobhan has come to recognise 2 particular types of persons, The Golden Child / Adult and The Empath. After nearly 20 years, 80-90% of couples that Siobhan sees daily, fall into these 2 main categories. Siobhan explains and this affects their fertility. Interestingly 6 out of the 8 people we have on “A Fertile Plan”, 80% of them have identified themselves as The Empath or The Golden Child / Adult. Ciara, Aoife and Sarah are The Golden Child / Adult while Danielle, Stephen and Conor are The Empaths.

In Chinese Medicine, the best gift we can give to our future children is their constitution, their emotional and physical health. Animal breeders understand this, but unfortunately humans don’t. Siobhan has personally come to believe that God, our bodies and nature are on our side and if we can trust our bodies and show ourselves self-love that the body will reflect this in positive fertility signs. Month 3 of “A Fertile Plan” and the couples are happy to keep progressing with their journey to conceive naturally under the guidance of Siobhan. Pregnancy is never guaranteed but this plan offers couples hope of having a baby of their own.