"A Fertile Plan"

South East Radio's Second Interview with Siobhan will be airing on

Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 11.05 am

· South East Radio

Last month on South East Radio’s “A Fertile Plan”, we met 4 couples who have been unable to get pregnant and have decided to try a natural approach in getting pregnant along with help from Siobhan Kehoe.

Our first couple that we meet are Ciara (36) and Lorcan (41). We find out that Ciara has underlying health problems with IBS and sinus. The couple have been trying for 5 years now to get pregnant. They have tried fertility treatment in the past but it didn’t work for them. They are always feeling the pressures of “are you pregnant yet?” They have literally tried everything. Ciara and Lorcan have been given herbs and supplements by Siobhan to take.

Our second couple that we met were Sarah and Conor. They have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years now. They have had 1 round of IVF which unfortunately not even one egg was obtained! Sarah has a very high fsh of 27 and very low amh of less than 1.0. They spoke about how they have lost faith in having a baby of their own. They had been told that a donor egg was their only option. Conor has male fertility issues. They constantly feel like failures. Siobhan gave the couple some herbs and supplements to take for the month. With the herbs, the couple will boil them and drink the water from the boiled herbs.

Our third couple are Ken (36) and Aoife (35), who have been trying to get pregnant for the past 15 months since they got married. Ken’s semen analysis is a little borderline. They haven’t gone down the IVF route yet because they want to try naturally for the time being. They felt that participating in “A Fertile Plan” with Siobhan and South East Radio was the answer for them at the moment. At present the couple hate that monthly feeling of disappointment and are very aware of always hearing the good news stories but not the stories of couples like them. They feel unnecessary pressure from those around them. Siobhan has prescribed for Aoife and Ken some acupuncture, herbs and supplements.

Our fourth couple coming on this journey with us is Danielle (26) and Stephen (29). Danielle has a child from a previous relationship and is finding it hard to understand now that 9 years later she is finding it hard to conceive. The couple have been trying for the past 5 years. Both partners have come up against issues with their own bodies as to why becoming pregnant hasn’t happened for them. Stephen was diagnosed with male fertility issues, while Danielle was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Danielle feels that her body is playing tricks on her and she is constantly mourning the fact that she can’t have another baby. Siobhan prescribed herbs and supplements for them both to take.

Listen in on Thursday 22nd March at 11.05am to hear how are 4 couples got on with taking their herbs, supplements, acupuncture and their consultations with a Nutritionist.