A molar Pregnancy, miscarriage and a failed IVF

Deirdre and Liam's Story

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We visted Siobhan after suffering a miscarriage, a molar pregnancy and a failed IVF where no embryos were retrieved.  The infertility experience that we went through was emotionally and physically challenging.  Even after this very complicated fertility history, I became pregnant after one visit and within one months of Siobhan's treatment.

We are so indebted to Siobhan for her help getting our beautiful healthy baby boy Ben.

Deirdre and Liam Salmon, Limerick

Deirdre and Liam very kindly gave a video testimonial on their journey which can be seen here:

Siobhan is very thankful to Deirdre and Liam for speaking from their hearts to share their inspirational journey to give hope to others.  

Siobhan recognised that things weren't as complicated as they seemed and she helped to transfrom the stress and get them more balanced in mind and body. Within a month of trusting themselves and their body intelligence Deirdre conceived naturally.  Siobhan met with them throughout their pregnancy and Deirdre carried their healthy baby boy to term.