Age 41 and two miscarriages

Joanne and Padraig's story

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Joanne's Story 

At the age of 41, having already experienced two miscarriages, myself and my husband were beginning to lose hope. After believing positivity would get us through, we were slowly feeling like our chance of having children was diminishing. One night I came across Siobhan’s website which sparked new hope that has remained with us throughout our journey. 

During the initial consultation Siobhan was able to pinpoint reasons for our miscarriages & told us the importance of mind, body & spirit in conceiving a healthy baby. She set tasks for us to become centred, to slow down in life & to trust our bodies.

Although it wasn’t easy to hear (because we were so eager for things to start NOW), she said it would most likely take 6 months before we would be ready to conceive. We suddenly felt like we had regained control over our situation. 

As a very sensitive person, with Siobhan’s encouragement, I made a special effort to rekindle my passion for art. I began painting and discovered a talent & love for it that really helped me connect with myself. I found that when I was painting, I felt a stillness like during meditation. I began to use painting to express my feelings through the use of colour. Giving my stress an outlet became a turning point in preparing myself to conceive.  

Within 7 months of turning our lives around, I became pregnant! Anybody who has been through a loss will know that a positive pregnancy test is not always met with elation right away. We were on this journey again & had no control over its outcome. Luckily the entire pregnancy was issue free and I actually enjoyed it!  

At about 8 months pregnant, I did an energy session with Siobhan. It was such a relaxing & joyful experience. I felt connected to myself and to the baby in the most positive way.  

Baby Barry was born Christmas week and has brought so much happiness to our lives. He is healthy and calm and perfect in every way.  

We totally bought into Siobhan's way of thinking and believe her approach can help anyone. Our bodies are amazing machines in which Siobhan has the key! Age and previous issues don’t have to be an obstacle. The most important thing is connecting with yourself, becoming centred and opening yourself up to your own creativity. 

Joanne, Kilkenny, November 22


Baby Barry

Baby Barry



Padraig's Story 

Siobhan has asked me to describe our experience of trying to conceive, from a male perspective. So, after the shock of our second miscarriage, my wife and I tried to figure out what went wrong and if there was something we could do to improve our chance of sustaining a healthy pregnancy.

Like everyone, we first turned to doctor Google looking for reasons to explain why this was happening to us. According to online advice it seemed that the only route was IVF, especially considering our age (over 40). Neither Joanne nor myself wanted to go down this route, feeling there must be a more natural approach available. We were both in good health. Getting and staying pregnant should just happen, but for some reason, it wasn’t so easy.

I can’t remember exactly how we came across Siobhan’s website, but we did and immediately booked a consultation and so began this alternative journey for us.

Eastern medicine and Western medicine both have their advantages, but this experience has clearly shown where Western medicine is lacking. Our doctors could not explain why we’d had miscarriages, or if we were likely to have another. Western medicine seems to follow a 'one size fitls all' approach and told us to keep trying but if wanted to know more, it would involve tests and most likely some form of IVF. The older you are the harder it is, or so we were told. The focus, was for the main part entirely on the woman and only briefly upon the man.

We both felt that there had to be more, and it became clear after meeting with Siobhan that there was. If you are reading this, I urge you to book a consultation and discover what Siobhan can do for you. We were in your shoes and we read through all the testimonials which gave us hope and the encouragement to keep going.

As men, we are not told a lot about our part in making babies. Men just have to turn up and do the business, then wait to see what happens. Siobhan explained that men need to play a much bigger part. Both partners need to be in the best health that they can be, both physically and mentally. After a brief examination, using a combination of self-learned and Eastern medicine skills, Siobhan was able to determine our personality type and body health.

I learned that our bodies were not primed at that time, to achieve a successful pregnancy. To hear that news was both a blow and a relief at the same time. We found out possible reasons for the miscarriages and with Siobhan’s help were able to build a road map for a full-term pregnancy.

The man’s role was a lot more involved than I had thought. It encompassed a mental aspect to the whole process. Siobhan explained that we need to trust our bodies, trust the process and make space to allow a new baby into our lives.

There is no quick fix, and in our case, it would be a six-month path to prepare mind and body. So, what did this mean for me? Well, apart from supporting my wife, I needed to work on de-stressing my life and eating right. Was it easy? No, it’s not easy, but when you have a burning desire to have a family, you will do anything to achieve it. For me that meant eating correctly, avoiding processed foods but also staying away from alcohol. After the initial struggle, it got easier to the point where it became second nature. I must point out that after 3 months, we took herbs prescribed by Siobhan.

We both put in a lot of work to prepare our bodies and give our prospective baby the best chance to enter this world. The more you give, the better the likelihood of a successful outcome and we gave it our all. I urge you to listen to the advice of a caring and sensitive person who combines western medical learnings with ancient practices of the east.

I’m happy to be finishing off this testimonial with the good news that our son Barry was born just before Christmas ‘21. We are overjoyed and positive that we could not have achieved this had we not met with Siobhan.

Padraig, Kilkenny, November 2022

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 Baby Barry