Age 44 - 2nd Child - Very low AMH levels

Catherine and Allan's Story

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I was delighted when I heard about Siobhán Kehoe and her natural and holistic approach to getting pregnant and that she specialises in traditional chinese medicine too.

On our first meeting, Siobhán examined our tongues and gave us an accurate description of our personalities and our health, which was very impressive.  My husband and I had no doubt in our minds from our first visit that we were in the best hands.  I was 42, nearly 43, but this wasn't an issue for Siobhán.  Her approach is all about balancing the mind and body so that you are ready for a new baby to come into your life.

We were given Chinese herbs and supplements to take and she advised us to cut down on dairy, wheat and sugar.  I had one accupunture treatment when her clinics was open prior to the pandemic.  We did up a gratitude journal most days and she told us about some books to read and meditations to do also.

Siobhán said 'the golden child' syndrome applied to both of us.  Responsibility affects fertility during the busy years of our lives.  In a busy mind, blood flows up and does not come down and we need blood to flow down for a healthy body.  So relaxation, meditation and Chinese herbs help with this.  The Chinese herbs also improved my periods from having some clots to having no clots and the blood became a brighter red colour too.

She advised us to let stress go and to let go of control and outcomes too because when body systems and energies are blocked and out of balance, a person experiences fertility problems.  Self love is a big part of Siobhán's treatment too and taking time out for ourselves and not to give too much of ourselves to other people.  Trusting our own body intelligence and listening to our gut is very important too and that nature is always on our sides.  Siobhán is also interested in ancestral patterns and advised us how to work through these patterns.

During my pregnancy I could contact Siobhán anytime if I had any concerns.  She was fantastic.  All in all I could not say enough good things about her.  She has invaluable knowledge, experience and wisdom about all fertility issues.

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We are forever grateful to Siobhán for our beautiful healthy son Paudie, who was born at term.

Catherine and Allan O'Connor,  Kerry                                                                                                                                                                                      December 2021


A video of Catherine sharing her story will be put on the website shortly.