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Our journey started back in 2017 when I was 35 years and my husband 36 years old. We were married for about 2 years and like most couples discussed about starting a family. We felt the time was right at that moment so the process began.
I went to the GP to get fertility bloods done just to check all was in order and we started to try. We tried for 3 months and nothing had happened so I then started to use ovulation kits to help us with timing and after another three months we got a positive pregnancy. We were delighted and over the moon. However after 9 weeks I had a miscarriage and lost the baby.
After another 6 months of trying again nothing was happening.

During the whole process I was seeing a doctor for my prolactin levels as they were above normal and had been taking medication to bring the levels down. Once I had controlled that I then started a round of clomid for six months. This showed that I was producing eggs etc and the doctor was confident I would get pregnant however this did not turn out to be the case. I also went to get a ho-cosy test done (all normal) and my husband went to have a semen analysis. When we got the semen analysis it showed that his levels where not where they should be. We then tried to tackle, overall he had 3 tests all showing different results but all the results were in the lower range, he went to see a urologist to ensure there was nothing medically wrong. There was’nt so it was just the way it was.
So at this point we were stressed and finding the whole process exhausting. We had spent years not wanting children and now that we do we can’t. We thought it would just happen and we were so wrong. I had a feeling of despair thinking I would never be a mother however my husband always advocated that it would happen and to keep positive but it was difficult.
We made an appointment to speak with IVF consultant and got information as we thought this was this the journey we would have to take. We spoke to them and got the information required and brought it home to discuss what we were going to do next.

After a few days I came across Siobhán Kehoe via the internet as I was looking up alternatives to IVF and more natural ways of becoming pregnant.
So I showed my husband and said should be try this for 6 months before going down the path of IVF. We both agreed and made an appointment to see Siobhán in December 2018.
Siobhan saw us both and did a short analysis of our tongues and described our personality’s. Much to our surprise she was very accurate in describing us. Siobhán informed us that it would be a process that involved both parties and we would need to give it 6 months before seeing any change.
We both had to make changes in our diet and we drank herbs every evening, took herbal supplements and also had to create a positive outlook on everyday living through journaling,and medications.
Siobhán said the environment and setting needs to be right to grow and welcome a healthy baby.

After 3 months to attending Siobhán we got a positive pregnancy result. We were both shocked and could not believe it. I jumped and did the happy dance and went in to tell my husband which was followed by tears of joy. I was anxious and hoped that I reached 12weeks which we did. I went on to have a very pleasant pregnancy very little sickness and had lots of energy up till the last trimester which I found the hardest. I continued to visit Siobhán up until delivery. I continued with acupuncture and took herbal medicine that Siobhán prescribed.
We went on to deliver a beautiful healthy baby girl who is our world and we cannot thank Siobhan enough.

I was 37 years old and my husband 38 when we conceived. I could not recommend her and the services she provides enough. The process worked for us and it was the total natural way. I will definitely see Siobhán again should we decide to have another baby.

Aoife – Wexford.