AMH Levels Doubled After Taking Herbs

Nearly Forty with a Low AMH and Failed IVF

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Failed IVF
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My name is Mary and in January 2016 I decided to get an AMH test done. We had just started to try and conceive. The results came back, a very disappointing 3. The fertility doctor urged us not to delay starting treatment because I have endometriosis. I was 38.

After a failed round of IUI we were advised to head straight for IVF because of " my reduced ovarian reserve" ( I must have heard that term applied to me so many times. ) Unfortunately it proved unsuccessful.

In the meantime I had heard of Siobhán. I have been taking the herbs and supplements for six months. I have been very religious about doing exactly what Siobhán has recommended.

I decided to get a repeat AMH test done last week ( July 2017 and 18 months from my previous one) I would have been happy if the result had remained at 3. To my surprise and delight my result was 6.3. My AMH has more than doubled after just six months on the herbs. I put this huge increase down to Siobhán’s knowledge and hard work.