Avoiding IUI, IVF and Ovarian Drilling

How TCM helped IVF be a Success

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On early 2010 I came off the pill with the hope of starting a family. However 8 months with no period my G.P. referred me to a gynecologist. After some tests I was diagnosed with amenorrhoea and was not ovulating. My progesterone level, I was later told, was that of a menopausal women. My gynaecologist prescribed Provera (to bring on periods) and Clomid (to stimulate ovaries). I continued to take these tablets but they did not seem to help and all I seemed to get was night sweats, thrush and general misery. I was advised that IVF and ovarian drilling were my options in the future. I was aware of Siobhan’s reputation in the area of fertility and decided to get in touch and made my first appointment even though I was somewhat skeptical.

On my first visit I was immediately impressed with Siobhan’s wealth of knowledge and felt very content that I had found someone who understood my symptoms, both physically and psychologically. After each visit I left Siobhan in a better frame of mind as she was able to empathise with me and give me practical advice in relation to my circumstances. She also gave me great confidence that everything would work out for me if I followed her instructions.

Siobhan advised me to take a break from Clomid which I was happy to do and to start taking Chinese herbs and change my diet. She recognised that I had deficiencies in my blood and helped me to change this. After a number of months I got my first period. Siobhan would also use acupuncture needles to help me cope with the pain of damaged nerves in my back.

In the mean time I made an appointment with an IVF Clinic in Dublin who advised me about IUI and more fertility drugs. I decided against any of these treatments as I needed a break both mentally and physically from synthetic medicine and so I continued to attend Siobhan following her herbal remedies and dietary advice.

In February of this year I found out I had become pregnant naturally. I continued to go to Siobhan and our healthy baby boy was born at term. I truly believe Siobhan has played a huge part in helping me to become pregnant and for this I will always be so grateful and thankful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan for many reasons: chronic pain, sinus pain, general wellbeing and of course fertility. Siobhan was always very forthright in her assessment of my position (sometimes it wasn’t what I wanted to hear), leaving me in a position to make clear, informed choices about my future.

It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to attending her for many years to come.

Niamh, Wexford.