Avoiding IUI/IVF, Poor Semen Analysis

"Anyone attending Siobhan's clinic has made the best decision in trying for a baby."

· Male-Infertility,Failed IVF

Read my story of how Siobhan helped my husband and I avoid IUI/IVF:

My husband and I are both 34 years old and had being trying to conceive for 2 years.  We are sporty, fit, non-smoking and generally healthy so presumed that we could conceive a baby whenever we wanted.  After a few months of trying, I felt something wasn’t right.  Some professionals advise to wait 1-2 years before seeking help but I wasn’t willing to do that, I felt there was a reason we couldn’t conceive.

I decided to go the public route and my GP referred me to Wexford General Hospital in September 2009.  Over the space of a few months I had scans, a lap and dye test, cervical smear and blood tests which all returned satisfactory.   My husband was advised by his GP that he did not need a sperm analysis carried out as he was a young healthy non-smoking male.  I was very frustrated with this attitude and we sought a second opinion.  In December 2010 we received the news that my husband had abnormal semen results with low motility (26%), poor morphology (<99%) and a low sperm count (6.6 x 10^6).  The only option offered to us at the hospital was ART; we were devastated to hear our names in the same sentence as IVF/ICSI/IUI. Our appointment with an IVF clinic was scheduled for mid October 2011.

In March 2011, we decided to attend a fertility clinic.  My husband’s semen results returned a little better which was probably due to the more specialised facility and testing in the clinic (50% motility, <95% morphology and count 15,000,000).  The clinic recommended us for IUI and encouraged us to start there and then but we decided we needed to have time to think about it.  Pictures of bouncing healthy babies scattered around the building made me very uncomfortable!!!  I changed my GP and sought advice on the ART route as I had many questions on the approach in the clinic.  My new GP referred me to Siobhan Kehoe.  As I had been checked out and no fertility related issues identified, I was dubious as to how I might benefit but my GP highly recommended Siobhan as an option before the difficult ART route. My GP eluded that there had been more success with Siobhan than any of her patients attending IVF clinics.

My first appointment with Siobhan was end of March 2011.  I took to Siobhan immediately with her direct attitude, her knowledge and experience and the relaxed and comfortable environment. I felt reassured that she is also a registered midwife and understood all about the tests results. Siobhan identified deficiencies in my system immediately and I was prescribed Chinese Herbs and referred to a nutritionalist, Davina in Evolv. Davina was excellent and again a very knowledgeable and relaxed practitioner.  She tweaked my diet and provided me with a weekly diet plan. My husband also attended Siobhan and was prescribed Chinese Herbs for his condition and also advised to take Pycnogenol to help with poor morphology. My periods had being monthly but varied between 24 and 31 days since I came off the contraceptive pill in April 2009. After one month attending Siobhan for fertility treatment and herbs, my period was bright red and 26 days, month 2 it was 27, month 3 it was 28 and month 4 we conceived!!!

I had a little spotting when I was due to get my period in month 4 and was convinced my period had arrived and was so disappointed and confused. I contacted Siobhan on a Friday evening and she advised me to take a test which returned positive. She was so supportive and helpful over the initial few weeks and prescribed me with herbs to prevent miscarriage. During my 4 months attending Siobhan, I did wonder if the herbs were making any difference. When I got my period, I would lose hope and maybe sneak in a takeaway and a beer or 2 but Siobhan gave me hope it should hopefully work. Siobhan advised on the importance of the preparation before pregnancy to ensure a healthy egg. It takes 3-4 months to produce a healthy egg and is the best foundation you can give your child – this changed my attitude.

We attended Siobhan for fertility issues but have benefited in other ways too.  I had difficulty sleeping which has improved significantly. My diet is also much healthier and I feel all the better for it. My husband was frequently taking Motilium for digestive problems and since taking the herbs, we haven’t bought any.

Just over one year after my first visit to Siobhan, our healthy little man arrived at term.

Siobhan is a gem and anyone attending her clinic has made the best decision if trying for a baby. She has being a great support all through and after my pregnancy and has a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice to give. I have read many testimonials of women who have had long difficult road both physically and emotionally trying to conceive and have had success with Siobhan. I thank my GP, Siobhan and Davina for my little man and assisting my husband and I avoid the difficult ART route.

Aine NiBheolain