Disorders of Ovulation

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Ovulation problems accounts for approximately 20% of fertility problems. If a women has a regular menstrual cycle it is most likely she is ovulating normally. Problems with ovulation can have a range of causes normally:

  • Hypothalamic ovulation – the hypothalamus does not signal the pituitary to ovulate, causes may be excessive exercise, stress and weight loss.
  • PCOS as discussed before
  • High Prolactin Levels – this can be caused by stress and certain medications. 
  • Premature menopause – the ovaries have weakened and are shutting down.
  • Stress – a stressful life can weaken the adrenal glands. Stress can cause delayed ovulation. Sometimes the body acts as if ovulation has occurred but the body did not release an egg. 
  • Post-using oral contraception pill – in a reasonable number of women periods do not return after stopping the oral contraceptive pill.

Siobhán finds her Midwifery and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) knowledge invaluable in helping diagnose the exact cause of ovulation. Siobhán may also recommend certain diagnostic procedures to be done. The individual problem diagnosed from TCM/Western medicine is then targeted with herbs, diet and acupuncture to get excellent results.