DNA Fragmentation was at 50% Fragmentation

· Male-Infertility,Other-Conditions,Failed IVF

I came to Siobhán with my partner in July 2015 and she advised that I should stop drinking alcohol for three to six months. I initially balked at the idea but I came around eventually as I really needed to improve my sperm count, motility and morphology. We had already had a failed IUI and a failed IVF due to poor sperm quality. I had scored 50% DNA Fragmentation and was advised to consider using donor sperm.

I stopped drinking completely for a period of five months. I also started taking herbs prescribed my Siobhán along with following her diet and lifestyle recommendations. In that time, my sperm results improved greatly.

I was successful in fertilizing eggs to form excellent embryos ( Grade A Blastocysts). Staying off the alcohol helped me adjust my life and allowed me to engage in activities I had previously had no interest in.

Thank you Siobhán for helping me on this successful journey for family and life, I would recommend you to anyone.

Kevin, 55, Co.Offaly