Failed IVF, Miscarriages and Male Fertility issues

Conceived naturally after failed IVF

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We thankfully first met Siobhán Kehoe in July 2019 and we had a beautiful healthy baby boy in August 2020.

Being in our mid-late 30's and after no natural success for 2.5 years we had an an appointment with an IVF clinic where we were told we would never have children on our own due to my husband's fertility following a semen analysis. We didn't waste any time looking into starting an IVF cycle and following our first cycle we got pregnant, which ended in an early silent miscarriage in December 2018.

We attempted 2 more cycles of IVF within months after the miscarriage, however, I was not responding to the hormones this time and we felt extremely hopeless. While waiting on a new protocol for us to start another attempt, a friend told me about Siobhán and how her treatment works. We felt very sceptical as we thought this sounded too good to be true and after what we had been through, how did we never hear of Siobhán before now!

Once we researched Siobhán, we were very impressed with her success stories and almost felt sceptical and thought this still may not work for us. We made an appointment, and on our first visit Siobhán looked at our tongues and without us having told her the issue she knew what we needed to get pregnant. She gave us hope and the belief that we would become parents.

She put us on herbs and supplements, did acupuncture on us both and advised us on a healthier diet. Siobhán reminded us to continue to do the things we enjoy together as a couple, to focus on the positives and be hopeful. We did some reflexology outside of Siobhán for ourselves which helped us relax more and re-balance everything.


After 2 months of Siobhán's treatment I became pregnant but sadly I did miscarry early and went back to Siobhán. As upsetting as it was, it was still major progress to have conceived naturally within 2 months, it previously only happened through IVF which ended in an early silent miscarriage. Siobhán and ourselves both felt that maybe as it happened so soon there hadn't been enough time, in our case, to have really healthy eggs and sperm. Also, unfortunately miscarriages happen and it happened to me twice in a row. We worried at this point that I might continue to have miscarriages for some other reason that we weren't aware of.

However, just another month of Siobhán's treatment and I was pregnant again. This time we had a healthy full term pregnancy and we now have our beautiful little boy who is 2 months old. We can never thank Siobhán enough as we never thought this would be us!

We have recommended Siobhán to couples since and I would 100% go to her before considering IVF.

Thank you again Siobhán xxx

Jennifer and Vincent, Carlow