FSH and LH Levels 0.0

"Siobhan was the only one who explained the process and let me feel in control."

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Acupuncture

In August 2009 at just 29, a blood test showed that my FSH and LH levels were at zero. As these results were highly unusual my GP repeated my bloods however the results remained the same at a level of 0.0. My GP referred me to a gynaecologist, however he also had never seen result as poor as mine. The Gynaecologist diagnosed that my pituitary gland had been suppressed by being on the contraceptive pill for 10 years. In September 2010 I met with my gynaecologist again as my GP couldn’t confirm if I was ovulating, after a number of blood tests he suggested that I may have polycystic ovary syndrome. I didn’t display any symptoms however.

At this stage I became very frustrated as I felt like I had no control and had very little information or confidence in what was being diagnosed. I was given Siobhan’s number by a friend but didn’t believe much in Chinese Medicine. I started with Siobhan on the 8th of October and was astonished by what she could tell me about myself with just looking at my tongue. Siobhan immediately suggested I remove wheat, diary and refined sugar from my diet and started me on a course of Chinese’s herbs and to give the treatments approx 6mths. I visited Siobhan every three weeks from Oct-Dec and followed her advise by the letter. I ovulated for the first time in December. By 6mths I had a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl in Dec 2011. As a non believer at the start, I can’t get across how much Siobhan helped me; she explained everything which helped me feel in control. The diet change was hard and I will admit I still dislike the needles but it is a small price to pay to be able to now hold my baby girl in my arms.

Siobhan was the only one who explained the process and let me feel in control. She got my body back to a natural state, through her good midwifery advice, herbs, diet and acupuncture. Siobhan was so supportive, encouraging and is still there with any question I may have. I look at my baby girl each day and I couldn’t be happier.