FSH Went From 107 to 6.7 within a Month on Herbs

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I was given Siobhán's name by a friend who had huge success with Chinese herbs. The reason for my visit was that at the age of 39, I was told that I was in menopause and had an FSH count of 107. I was also told that if I wanted another baby my only option was donor egg.

I had not had a period for at least 5 months. So in April I saw Siobhán for the first time. Although giving me no guarantees, because my FSH was one of the highest she had ever worked with, she was hopeful that the herbs would work for me. I followed Siobhán's advice to the letter and took my herbs daily, and within a week I had more energy and feeling healthier than ever.

I had my bloods retaken on the 17th May and my FSH count was down to 6.7. My doctor rang me in complete shock and said that she had never seen anything like it in her life. She was astounded by the results. The herbs definitely worked! On my 40th birthday in June my period returned and has been regular since.

I cannot thank Siobhán enough for giving me the chance to conceive another baby. She really is amazing. If you are like me and considering going to Siobhán I would urge you not to wait another minute and to book your appointment today. You won't regret it. I never will.

Fina Walsh, Co. Mayo. Age 40