History of Miscarriage – Lisa’s Story

"She opened my mind to the healing properties of acupuncture and herbs."

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After coming off the contraceptive pill in September 2011 I found that my periods were very irregular, with very short cycles and my blood was very brown and didn’t look very healthy. Although I did mention it to my own GP a few times that I was concerned about the color of the blood and the irregularity of my cycles it wasn’t something that was paid much attention too.

After a few months of trying for a baby, my husband and I were lucky to fall pregnant in January 2012 however I suffered a missed miscarriage in March 2012 and had to have a D & C. At the time I felt physically and emotionally drained. I didn’t feel healthy enough to start trying for a baby again and I believed that perhaps my body hadn’t been in the right condition to carry a baby the first place and I was concerned that this could have contributed to my miscarriage.

A friend of mine recommended Siobhan Kehoe to me, admittedly I was a bit skeptical at first but Siobhan’s in-depth knowledge as Registered Midwife, Herbalist and Acupuncturist and her ability to explain what she was doing was so impressive that after just one session I was confident that she could help me. She inspected my tongue and I was amazed by how much she was able to tell me by just looking at my tongue.

Siobhan recommended herbs for me to take and I began to see her for treatment every few weeks. The herbs were difficult to stomach at first but after a while I didn’t notice the taste so much. After every session with Siobhan I felt more and more energized and positive. Siobhan recommended that we hold off trying for a baby again until my body had a chance to heal. It didn’t take long for my cycles to become more and more regular and every month my blood was redder and fresher. I felt I had more and more energy and I experienced a noticeable improvement in my overall health and well being. I had less headaches and I felt less stressed and more positive.

Within a few short months we felt ready to try again. I was pregnant within two months and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl on 6 April 2013. I am happy to say this time my pregnancy was a very happy and healthy one which is something I do attribute to Siobhan and the acupuncture and herbs.

I can’t recommend Siobhan enough, she opened my mind to the healing properties of acupuncture and herbs. She is genuinely passionate about helping people and what she does.

Lisa, Wexford.

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