Is IUI Successful?

Low AMH, Support with IUI

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Myself and my husband started trying for a baby in October 2019 after we got married. We were both excited at the thoughts of becoming pregnant and bringing a new baby into the world. After 6 months of trying I decided to go to the gp and get my bloods checked out as I was worried something might be wrong.

All my bloods came back ‘normal’ as per the gp. It was only after speaking with two of my friends who were also going through fertility issues that I realised my amh was very low for my age (35)at 4.75. I now know after meeting with Siobhan that amh is not as worrying as some doctors and people make out.

Struggling to conceive caused me so much stress and the low amh result made me feel like time was against us which in turn caused more stress.

My husband went for a semen analysis which showed low motility and borderline morphology. We were devastated with this result and felt our chances of having a baby were slipping away.

I had remembered I’d seen something on the internet a few years previous about a woman in Wexford who helped couples conceive. I googled and found Siobhan. It was august 2020 before we had an appointment with her.

Siobhan looked at both our tongues and could tell us the type of personalities we had. She was able to tell me what my period was like every month and the symptoms I was experiencing. It was unbelievable. Siobhan told me that I was experiencing cold and bad liver deficiency which in turn was the reason for spotting before my period and ongoing back pain around ovulation and my period. She also described cathal to a tee.

We had some work to do on ourselves and needed to believe in ourselves. We started daily meditation and gratitude journals. My husband found these hard but persevered as we would do anything to have a baby. We both started to manifest our baby and everything Siobhan said to us made so much sense.

We didn’t start taking herbs until October 2020.

I was still anxious and Was finding it difficult to sleep at night as I was overthinking everything. There were regular tears as I felt the months were going by and no positive test.

In January 2021 my husband repeated semen analysis and there was a huge improvement. All his results were brilliant. He had seen a urologist who had told him to try iui or continue trying ourselves.

I had seen a fertility specialist in the rotunda and he had suggested iui also. I had had a laparoscopy the previous July which showed mild endometriosis.

In May 2021 we did iui. We were still on the herbs, meditating, taking supplements and mushrooms. I was doing a lot of spiritual reading and trying to connect with my ancestors and spirit guides. I asked them to help us and guide us.

To our total disbelief I got a positive pregnancy test in June. I was very sceptical going into iui as I knew how low the chances were of conceiving with it.

I rang Siobhan straight away and told her our good news. She told me it wasn’t just iui it was all the hard work we had put in ourselves. The pregnancy went very smoothly and on Valentine’s Day this year our beautiful baby girl was born. Our baby girl is the light of our lives. I am here writing this and she is asleep in my arms. We both feel so lucky and are forever grateful to Siobhan for helping bring our little girl to us.

Many thanks,

Orlaith and Cathal, Dublin