IVF and Egg Donation failure

Failed egg donation, IVF and very low AMH

· Failed IVF,Donor Egg,LowAMH-HighFSH

My partner and I have tried to have a baby for 4 years. We have tried IVF and egg donation, unfortunately, both failed. I had extremely low AMH and the fertility doctor said I would be extremely lucky if he could harvest 2 eggs from me, the doctor said the best option would be to do egg donation. Myself and my partner decided that we would only do one round and the pregnancy test came up negative. We both felt like we missed out on being parents.

A couple of months after this, I was talking with a lady who heard about Siobhan and chinese medicine. I mentioned this conversation to my partner, who was fairly skeptical, but I said we should give it a shot. We went to see Siobhan and she changed our diet and my outlook on life. I am a highly strung person and as Siobhan said I needed 'to stop using the word perfect'. I never realised how much I said that word until Siobhan pointed it out to me. Siobhan made me relax and open myself to the universe.

A long story short, and over a year later we have our beautiful, healthy baby boy who is 5 weeks old. We can't thank Siobhan enough! I would highly recommend Siobhan, I am fully convinced without her and her expertise we wouldn't have our baby today.

Kind regards

Joanne McDonald

November, 2020