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Age 42 (history of 3 losses with severe genetic disorders) now with a healthy baby girl.

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We travelled from Switzerland to meet Siobhán in late January 2020 (just before the pandemic) after trying to conceive since early 2018.  We had endured 3 medical terminations following 2 diagnoses of severe genetic disorders during the 12 weeks scan and one embryo which didn't develop.

I had heard about Siobhán through a long time Irish friend who had had 2 successful pregnancies after consulting with Siobhan following numerous miscarriages.  It was very clear to both my partner and I that the natural and holistic approach that Siobhán was offering was what we were looking for, as opposed to starting an IFV journey for instance.

Siobhán only knew we were travelling from abroad but after observing our tongues, she gave us a very accurate picture of our personalities and prescribed some Chinese medicinal herbs to both of us.  We enjoyed her approach that each partner brings 50% to the embryo and are equally responsible for the success of the pregnancy.  She also advised us on general nutrition, complements to balance our diet, recommended meditation exercises and writing a daily gratitude journal.  

Her approach is about the body and the mind and finding the right balance within both.  It's about loving and making time for oneself in order to be ready for a new being coming to life.  Actually, the pandemic was a good time to slow down, to stop trying to do a million things and instead meditate, cook, take care of ourselves and really focus on our goal with a positive attitude.

We followed her recommendations from early February until late June (thanks to zoom consultations) and then we decided it was time to "try again" for a baby.  I fell pregnant in late July and we followed the protocol of scans, blood and genetic tests to eventually find out in October that all was well with our baby !!

I actually carried on taking most of the herbs until the end of my pregnancy and apart from mild late afternoon sickness during the first three months, I can say I have never felt so good, healthy and energetic!.  Siobhán and her team were available all throughout the process if we had any doubts or questions.

Our baby girl Céleste was born just as we started week 40, on 8th April 2021 and we still cannot believe it.  We are forever grateful and thankful that our paths crossed Siobhán's and absolutely recommend her to any couple struggling on their baby journey.  

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Words cannot express how our life has been transformed in so many ways since we consulted with her, so THANK YOU Siobhán for everything 💖

Cindy and Ludo, Switzerland.

June 2021.

PS:  Siobhán never asked but we were 42 and 44 years old when we came to her, so age is NOT an issue!

Personal Video from Cindy on her journey