Male Infertility Factors

Conditions Treated: Male Infertility Factors


Male infertility accounts for almost 50% of all cases of fertility problems. Many people find this surprising as many believe fertility is a women’s problem. Male fertility problems are commonly treated in TCM using herbs, good nutrition and/or acupuncture with very good results. Male fertility depend on:

  1. Adequate production of sperm by the testes 
  2. Unobstructed transit of sperm along the seminal tract 
  3. Satisfactory delivery to the ovum

It is important to get a semen analysis done. Almost all aspects of male fertility problems can benefit from TCM treatment. Sperm production and quality can be increased, so,e blockages can be reduced and hormonal results can be resolved by treating the body and restoring balance.

Examples include:

  1. Poor morphology – herbs and foods that have a natural anti-oxidant and blood moving effect help increase morphology results. 
  2. To help with sperm count – herbs and foods that help with Qi (energy) and good quality blood in the body help with the count. 
  3. To improve testosterone results – herbs that boost the Qi (energy) in the body eg. Ginseng helps. 
  4. Varicocele – (similar to varicose veins in testicular area) herbs and foods that have a blood moving and cooling effect helps to reduce a varicocele.

In TCM it is important to meet the couple (both the man and the woman) when diagnosing and treating fertility problems.