Mammary Dysplasia and Trying to Conceive

"I wish to thank Siobhan for all her help and encouragement."

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I initially came to Siobhan Kehoe to have treatment for mammary dysplasia. The same was successful of course with a course of acupuncture and herbs. During the period of time I attended Siobhan we discussed my menstrual cycle which was related to my initial problem. It turned out that I did not have a healthy menstruation ie. Heavy, clotting and very dark menses and was not having any egg white discharge at the time of ovulation.

My husband and I were currently trying to conceive. So Siobhan had advised me to keep temperature recordings of my cycle. My diet was to play a big factor and she advised me at great length with same. With acupuncture and herbal assistance I started to produce EWD at ovulation. My core temp had risen significantly and within months we were pregnant and expecting our first child. Since born a beautiful healthy girl.

After having my daughter, I began to notice a repeat pattern occurring with my cycle. No EWD present at all. Again I attended Siobhan to stimulate same and within the following month I produced a lot EWD and conceived. We are now expecting our second child this September!!!

I wish to thank Siobhan for all her help and encouragement. I only wish that all women trying to conceive would be able to make an informed choice regarding treatment of infertility and are aware of the benefits of acupuncture. Be it as an independent treatment or in conjunction with others.