Multiple Miscarriages - Carol

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In August 2010 we started trying for a baby. We got pregnant straight away, got a positive test in September, we were delighted. A few weeks later i had a very small amount of spotting and lower back pain. I went for an early scan but it was too early so I had to go back for another one in 2 weeks. My second scan at 9 weeks had no heartbeat, doctor said it stopped at 6 weeks so I had to have a D&C on 2nd December .We were disappointed but said we would just try again. Over Christmas I felt pregnant again, my breasts were gone bigger and sore. I did a test and it came out positive, we could not believe it happened again so soon. A week later I did another test just to make sure and it was negative. We were really disappointed but just put it down to trying too soon.


Every month we kept trying but nothing was happening. We just could not understand it, it was so disappointing. I had heard from someone that a qualified midwife called Siobhán Kehoe, was excellent at helping women get pregnant with her fertility treatment and Chinese herbs but I just did not think much of it. A few months later someone else told me about Siobhán so I decided I would look her up on the internet. I read testimonials about other couples heartache and could not believe what Siobhán could do for them. After 9 months of trying I made an appointment with Siobhán in October 2011 but she was on maternity leave so I got a locum, who asked me about my life and diet. She advised me to cut down on alcohol and to go to a nutritionist who was excellent at helping me change my diet with foods I liked. I also got acupuncture and I was given Chinese herbs that I had to boil and drink twice a day. Josephine also asked me not to try for 6months. When I left I decided I would drink the herbs but there was no way I was going to wait 6 months to try. I also loved having wine with my dinner on weekends so I did not cut down on that.


My 3rd time back for treatment and herbs was in January, Siobhán was back. She knew the minute she looked at my tongue and eyes what was the problem and she also knew I was not sticking to the diet. When I met Siobhán I knew she had so much knowledge on fertility and getting your body right for pregnancy, she is straight to the point. My periods had always been very scant blood. Siobhán also felt it was important to work on my egg quality and she said I nutrient deficient, with poor quality blood. She told me I would need to get a good period before I could try. A week after been to Siobhán I got a positive pregnancy test. We were over the moon even though I was told not to try. I stopped taking the herbs and only went to Siobhán once. I started bleeding and got lower back pain again so I had another scan. No heartbeat again, it stopped at 7 weeks. We were devastated this time after it taking so long to get pregnant. Got loads of test done in Wexford hospital but everything came back fine. Doctors basically told me I was still young and to keep trying.

Siobhán was great, she believed it would happen. She told me to wait 6 months so this time I decided to listen and wait. I really stuck to the diet, gave up alcohol and drank the herbs every day and drank chicken stock once a week. Eventually I felt my body craved the herbs and I felt great. I got really good periods and on the 6 month I got a positive pregnancy test in October 2012 I could not believe it. I started spotting brown discharge and got slight back pain but this time I felt more confident. Siobhán prescribed herbs, which then eased the backache and spotting immediately. She also advised me to take time off work and rest. At this time I don’t know what I would have done without her. She recommended I have an early scan at 8 weeks pregnant. My 1st scan at 8 weeks had a heartbeat, we were delighted. When I was in getting my scan in the early pregnancy unit I noticed Siobhan’s poster was up on the wall. The midwife in the early pregnancy unit also said to me that she had heard a lot about Siobhán which was nice to hear.

I had another scan at 10 weeks (which the doctors were happy with). Siobhán phoned Wexford hospital (early pregnancy unit) after the 10 week scan and organised to get a prescription for progesterone to also help support the pregnancy (as she felt progesterone suited my constitution). I also had a scan at 13 weeks and everything was fine. Siobhán listened to the foetal heart with a foetal doppler at 18 weeks. I was delighted to hear my baby’s strong heartbeat. I strongly believe I would have miscarried again or would not have got pregnant only for Siobhán. She is excellent at what she does. I could not thank her enough.

I am now 6 months pregnant and I am going to keep going to Siobhán for acupuncture. I finished taking the raw herbs when I was 14 weeks pregnant. It was not easy boiling and drinking herbs every day and sticking to a good diet but it will be worth it in the end. I highly recommend Siobhán and I only wish more couples knew about Siobhán so they would have their chance of having a baby. I feel blessed to have heard about her. Thank you Siobhán.

October 2013

I now thanks to Siobhan have a healthy 4 month old boy. He was born a good weight 8lb 8oz. I strongly believe that only for Siobhan’s excellent knowledge, herbs and acupuncture, I would still be trying or having more miscarriages. Her knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Herbs for infertility and miscarriages is amazing and that she is a qualified Midwife puts your mind at ease. Thank you Siobhan for our precious little boy.

Carol Bolger, Age 34,New Ross,Wexford