Natural Approach to Recurrent Miscarriage

· Miscarriages,Unexplained,Stress

We decided to go to Siobhán as a last resort after having 5 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. I never got past 6 weeks on any of the miscarriages. I had an exploratory laparoscopy done and everything came back as clear. I also went to the recurrent miscarriage clinic in Waterford and had blood tests done and again all tests came back as normal. We were desperate as we had no problem having our first two children, so when we had trouble having the third it came as shock. It was a very devastating time for us both.

We met with Siobhán, who offered us some great advice and support. I am a perfectionist and had put a lot of pressure on myself but with Siobhán's support I learnt to let things go and to be more gentle with myself. I also took herbs and supplements recommended by Siobhán.

I became pregnant within 2 months and went on to have a happy healthy baby girl 9 months later. If it wasn't for Siobhán, I know that our daughter Éadoin wouldn't be here. I am very thankful for her help and support. Siobhán has helped three other couples that I know and I would recommend contacting Siobhán if you are having difficulty conceiving a healthy baby.

Gemma and Shane

Co Kilkenny

December 2020