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Nearly Forty, Trying to Conceive for Three and a Half Years

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My husband and I had been trying to conceive for three and a half years. We had an initial assessment with a fertility clinic, including blood and semen testing. I then heard about Siobhán’s clinic from a friend who had a successful pregnancy with Siobhán’s assistance. We decided to attend Siobhán before commencing IUI with the fertility clinic.

Siobhán was very professional and offered us a foundation of knowledge. Siobhán recommended lifestyle changes, supplements, herbs and we had acupuncture. Thankfully we conceived within 1 month and we are over the moon with our little girl born in February 2016. We are now beginning another journey under Siobhán’s care.

I would really recommend attending Siobhán’s clinic; it proved life changing for us.

Charlotte, 39 (Offaly)

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