One Single Sperm Seen on Semen Analysis.Now 3 Healthy Children !!!

"Siobhan has amazing success with patients with fertility problems."

· Male-Infertility

After trying unsuccessfully for nine months to get pregnant my husband and I attended our G.P. who organised tests for both of us. My results came back as normal but unfortunately my husband had a problem. There was only one single sperm seen on the semen analysis. Our G.P. referred us to an IVF clinic in Dublin. While we were awaiting an appointment my sister heard about a Midwife called Siobhan Kehoe who had amazing success with patients with fertility problems.

Although my tests results had come back as normal I knew my cycle was very far from perfect. I had irregular periods and after talking with Siobhan that I rarely had an egg white discharge. Siobhan recommended that we delay our IVF treatment for six months so that she could improve my cycle and work on my husband’s semen analysis.  I attended Siobhan and took raw herbs on a daily basis. My husband also attended Siobhan every 3 weeks and took raw herbs in capsule form. Following 5 months on herbs my husband’s count went up 6 million. This semen analysis was also done in the same Dublin IVF Clinic. Siobhan has a copy of both semen analysis results for reference.

After attending Siobhan for six months she felt my body was well prepared to undergo the treatment. Personally I felt both physically and emotionally ready for IVF. Due to the nature of our fertility problems we had to undergo IVF by ICSI. My husband had been warned that it may be necessary for the doctors to obtain his sample by TESE. My husband was very relieved not only to have been spared this but also to have been able to have a sample frozen for future use. We feel that the acupuncture and herbs played a vital role, not only in increasing the sperm count, but also ensuring that they were of high quality. Twelve oocytes were collected and fertilised of which 9 survived to day two. Three zygotes were classed as A1 zygotes, which is often difficult to achieve when undergoing IVF by ICSI. Two zygotes were transferred on day two which resulted in a singleton pregnancy, a third zygote was frozen.

I strongly feel that Siobhan’s treatment played a vital role in achieving a healthy pregnancy and our very healthy baby boy was born in 2010. I feel there were many benefits to having had acupuncture and taking raw herbs before commencing IVF. I had researched all the side effects of taking the IVF drugs, mood swings etc. However much to my surprise I had no such reaction in fact my husband regularly commented after our many appointments at a Dublin IVF Clinic, that I was the only women there that did not look desperately sad. I feel Siobhan’s treatment prepared my body both physically and emotionally. I also feel that the quality of the zygotes was a direct result of both my husband and I attending Siobhan. I would highly recommend Siobhan Kehoe to anyone undertaking IVF treatment.

Following this we stayed healthy and occasionally took herbs. We very surprisingly conceived naturally and had a 2nd very healthy baby.

February 2014: Earlier this year I had my remaining frozen zygote transferred and thankfully I had a very healthy pregnancy and my very healthy baby boy was born this month. During my pregnancy my obstetrician highly praised Siobhan’s treatment. She said she regularly sends patients to Siobhan and said she finds her work excellent. Thank you so much Siobhan, we feel so grateful that we found you.

Mary, Wexford.