PCOS but Conceived Naturally with Siobhan's help

I can never thank Siobhan enough for everything she has done and I will definitely visit her again for any health issue.

· PCOS,Acupuncture

I am writing this for anyone experiencing difficulty with fertility issues. I am 30 years of age and two years ago after failing to conceive after several months I decided to visit my doctor. The usual blood routine tests were done and I was told I wasn’t ovulating and I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. From this I was told I would have great difficulty in getting pregnant, however that Clomid may help. After several more tests and also my partner being tested I was finally prescribed Clomid at a strength of 25mg. While visiting this gynaecologist the nurse recommended Siobhan to me and explained that she was an expert in the area of fertility. I had also heard a lot about Siobhan from a friend.


After my first visit with Siobhan I immediately felt re-assured unlike how I felt after the hospital appointments. Siobhan was able to explain the problems I had by looking at my tongue. My body was weak and I was experiencing night sweats, made worse by the Clomid. Clomid also caused extreme anxiety and severe cramps. I failed to conceive while taking it. The raw herbs Siobhan prescribed immediately cleared all sweats, improved my menstrual cycle from 50 days to a more normal 30 day cycle. My blood also changed to a bright red colour. The herbs improved my overall health both physically and mentally. Siobhan always re-assured me that there was no reason why I couldn’t get pregnant, which was always a great comfort.

My body basically got a complete overhaul and great nourishment. After four months of acupuncture and building my body up through raw herbs I fell pregnant in our first month trying. My pregnancy was a wonderful healthy experience and I now have a gorgeous 12 week old girl. I can never thank Siobhan enough for everything she has done and I will definitely visit her again for any health issue. Her passion for helping people is so admirable. She is also a qualified Midwife so she is very helpful and knowledgeable, not only around fertility issues but about pregnancy and birth queries. Also unlike the “conveyor” experience of hospital appointments Siobhan is caring, re-assuring and also more personal.

If you’re reading this you are obviously experiencing the same heartache a I did so my advice is to visit Siobhan. Had I not sought her help, my next step was a laparoscopy advised by doctors which may have resulted in IVF also mentioned throughout my hospital visits. I am so happy to have my little girl and also for it all to have happened naturally with Siobhan’s method.

Lisa, Wexford