PCOS (Cycle 80-90 Days Pregnant in 7 Weeks)

"I had a healthy pregnancy and my healthy baby was born at term."

· PCOS,Acupuncture

I had been on the pill for 6 years. I stopped taking it in December 2009 as myself and my husband began to try to conceive. When I came off the pill I had very long cycles (80-90 days) and I was referred to a gynaecologist.

I had a laparoscopy, cystectomy and ovarian drilling done in September 2010. I was also given a diagnosis of PCOS. At this time my doctor recommended that I attend his clinic in two months if I had not conceived and I would be prescribed Femara. I read the Collette Harris book on PCOS and began following the recommended diet (low GI etc). I still struggled to get a regular cycle established. My periods were dark and clotted.

In January 2011 it was recommended that I go on Glucophage and Femara 2.5 mg. I tried this for 1 month and did not ovulate (I was being scanned mid cycle). The dose of Femara was upped to 5 mg for 4 months and I ovulated each month. I also continued to take the Glucophage. While on Femara,  I had very little cervical mucus, my mood was very low and I also had low libido (which didn’t help matters!) . I continued to have dark clotted periods.

I then contacted Siobhan for an appointment and commenced taking the herbs.  She also did some acupuncture with me. Very quickly I noticed the following changes

  • Period came at 34 days
  • Improved mood and energy (I felt “normal” again!)
  • Increased libido
  • Period was bright red
  • My skin improved
  • A huge increase in cervical mucus

Within 7 weeks of taking the herbs I had a positive pregnancy test. I recently had a scan and saw baby’s heartbeat which was very exciting!!

I had a healthy pregnancy and my healthy baby was born at term.

I cannot thank Siobhan enough for her help. I strongly believe that the herbs made all the difference and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the herbs and acupuncture to any woman in my position.

Fiona Kenny, Kilkenny.