Secondary Infertility, Age 41 with History of Miscarriage


Pregnant within three months

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We visited Siobhán Kehoe on the recommendation of a friend in June 2016 and have never looked back. We had a 4 yr old that we were very grateful for but desperately wanted a second child.

Our first child was born in July 2012. At 38 years of age we didn’t want to delay having a second child and were devastated when our second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in September 2013 at 11 weeks. We were advised to wait and to start trying again after 6 months. We were elated to discover we were once again pregnant but it was short lived as we went through our second miscarriage in May 2014. It was a suspect molar pregnancy. I had to have many blood tests to ensure my blood count returned to normal which it eventually did.

Having conceived three times already I felt pretty confident that we would be lucky the next time but unfortunately the months went by and all the charting and calculating gave no results just disappointment after disappointment.

Having turned 40 earlier in the year I felt that our time was slipping away so we made an appointment with a fertility doctor in the Rotunda Private clinic. He was a kind gentleman who explained the chances of becoming pregnant at my age were getting increasingly slimmer. We opted for a laparoscopy investigation to deter if there were any problems, hoping that he could fix.. He prescribed clomid and we were very confident, as I celebrated my 41st birthday, that this was it! Unfortunately the months passed and the prescription ran out!

We decided to try one round of IVF even though we had said we would never go down that road. I rang my doctor in the Rotunda and told him we had no luck using ‘clomid’, before I had a chance to say anymore he said he wouldn’t recommend IVF as there was only a 7% chance of it working for someone my age and to let nature take its course. We were devastated.

A friend of mine told me about Siobhán Kehoe and the wonderful testimonials on her website. We decided it was worth a visit. Siobhán was so positive from the moment we met her. She took a brief history, looked at my tongue and checked my pulse. She asked about my cycle every month and quickly determined what I was deficient in. She also checked my husband’s pulse and tongue. I had one round of acupuncture which was very relaxing and Siobhan organised bags of Chinese herbs for me to boil and to take twice a day. She also gave us supplements to improve our general well being and to help with the process. I visited Siobhán again the following month where I explained an improvement in my cycle and in our general well being. I was surprised the herbs and supplements had such a quick result. I had another round of acupuncture and Siobhán changed the Chinese herbs slightly to meet my needs.

My third cycle was a day late, no surprise really as I had been anywhere between day 25 to day 27. I was happy as I thought it was getting closer to the normal 28 day cycle. Day 28 came and still nothing. I couldn’t wait another day; I bought the test and got my husband to read the result. Over two years since our second miscarriage and the test was positive! We couldn’t believe it!

Siobhán is our Wonder Woman! I am 42 years old and 39 weeks pregnant. I have never felt better (other than a little bit tired!). Siobhán continued to see me throughout my pregnancy, prescribing Chinese herbs and acupuncture to ‘hold the baby’ in the first trimester to supplements for trimester 2 and 3. Even though I was thrilled when I found out I was pregnant I must admit to feeling a little anxious and nervous being pregnant at my age for the well being of our baby. Siobhán very quickly dismissed any doubts or concerns I had and I have gone on to have a super, healthy and positive pregnancy.

It is such a shame that we go through fertility problems on our own, couple by couple. I firmly believe that only for my friend and I having a casual chat that day about children which led to miscarriages and the hopes of having a second child that I would not have heard about Siobhán Kehoe and the amazing work she is doing helping couples experience the magic of parenthood.

We cannot thank you enough as we look forward to meeting our bundle of joy!


Co. Laois

UPDATE MAY ’17: Healthy baby boy born at term.