Success On Third IVF Cycle

To quote Siobhan, ”The best gift you can give to your children is a good constitution”.

· Auto-immune,Male-Infertility,Failed IVF

My wife and I had two unsuccessful rounds of IVF. We were devastated to say the least and in total despair. We heard of Siobhan Kehoe through a friend and decided to visit her clinic in Enniscorthy.

Siobhan performed acupuncture on us and gave us herbs to take at home. I had a low sperm count of  five million/ml with low morphology and low motility. My wife’s periods were very irregular and dark and clotty blood. She also suffers from Chrons disease.

Within six months my sperm count had risen to ten million/ml with a total count of forty million, which was within normal levels. My libido had also increased significantly. My wife’s periods has become regular with bright blood and no PMT. We both felt healthier and had a zest for life again. We were ready for our third IVF cycle.

We were successful on our third IVF cycle and are delighted to have our beautiful and happy daughter. We got an outstanding result of four blastocysts out of seven embryos, so we still have four frozen very good grade blastocysts.

We went back to Siobhan four months after the birth of our daughter. My wife had not yet her period. Siobhan performed acupuncture and her period came the next day. My wife said it was a very healthy period. We now plan to transfer with another blastocyst in a few months. We are indebted to Siobhan for all her help and support throughout our journey. We would highly recommend her and have done already to couples struggling with fertility.

Through the herbs that Siobhan prescribed, we have become healthier individuals and are able to pass this onto our daughter. To quote Siobhan, ” The best gift you can give to your children is a good constitution”.