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Fertility Shock....There is Hope!

After 5 failed IVF Cycle’s, including a donor embryo, four miscarriages and poor semen analysis (morphology 0-1% normal shaped sperm), John and Rachel Collins from Tipperary who came to Siobhan for treatment, conceived naturally within 5 weeks. They delivered a beautiful baby girl in March 2018. They continued on Siobhan's plan and they conceived naturally again! Rachel took herbs prescribed by Siobhan to help prevent miscarriage. They had beautiful twin girls at full - term this month! (March 2019) Congratulations to them both and wishing them all the happiness they deserve.

Siobhan Kehoe agrees with the RTE Documentary, "Fertility Shock", that maternal age/ older eggs are an issue with fertility. However, Siobhan has treated many women over 40 years of age and many couples (men and women) successfully, who had a history of fertility complications.

Even in the RTE Documentary, The Medical Director of the IVF Clinic confirmed that natural conception is always the best!

Siobhan was delighted to hear this, as it is her approach with helping fertility. On the other hand, if a couple / individual “need” IVF, Siobhan’s aim is to help them boost their egg and sperm quality naturally and to help the body with implantation, thus ensuring a positive outcome!

Siobhan has been very successful in treating couples / individuals with fertility problems for over 20 years. Her work involves treating the body naturally and/or alongside Western Medicine. Siobhan keeps herself updated with modern research and works alongside the medical profession. With a background in Midwifery and Chinese Medicine, Siobhan uses the best of both medical modalities to achieve excellent results.

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Siobhán Kehoe

Midwife & Fertility Expert

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