Trying for 3 Years- Pregnant after 3 months

"I will be forever grateful to Siobhan."

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I started to attend Siobhan in august 2012 a friend of mine had being attending her I will be honest I was very sceptical at first but having being trying for a baby for 3 years and with no success I was willing to try anything as I felt doctors weren’t bothered with me so this was an alternative ,
Siobhan takes a history take, my periods were always heavy and dark in colour and painful  then straight into it with acupuncture I found this sore at first but you do get used to it you also are given according to your problem as such ,a course of  herbs to take every day allot of work goes into boiling herbs etc.

The first day I took them I cried I rang Siobhan and asked her could I change to tablet form of herbs (which take 3 times longer to work in your body) Siobhan was so encouraging reminding me of the reason I was taking herbs , so with Siobhan’s encouragement I continued I went every two / three weeks to get acupuncture n top up on my herbs , in Sept I got my period October got my period both were painless and bright red in colour and then in November I became pregnant after 3 months from my first appointment with Siobhan. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I didn’t need any more herbs and believe it or not I actually missed them you get to acquire a taste for them ,I had morning sickness for first 4 months or so ,so I attended Siobhan for acupuncture for this and it really helped. I then attended Siobhan near the end of my pregnancy as I didn’t want to be induced and I didn’t have to be, a week overdue got acupuncture on a Wednesday and my waters broke that night.

As I type this my beautiful baby girl is sleeping in her crib beside me all the herbs and acupuncture were worth it just to note like many I couldn’t really afford it but it is a small price to pay considering so many have IVF etc. and yet as I stare at my little girl who was healthy and 8 pound 3 oz. she is worth more than money can buy you are in the safest hands with Siobhan looking after you she genuinely cares for everyone that attends her and I loved the fact that she is a midwife and you could ask her anything she is very caring and understanding with any concerns or fears in regards to getting pregnant or being pregnant as I was and she reassured me every step of the way . I started with Siobhan in august 2012 and in august 2013 my daughter arrived
I will be forever grateful to Siobhan and I wish whoever is reading this all the best I hope your dreams come true I know mine have .

Christina, Wexford.