Trying for 5 Years, 3 Failed IVFs at 41 Years Old. But Success in the End

I can’t find the words to explain how we both feel. We are just over the moon.

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Hi my name is Mags, I’m 41 and from Wexford. After 3 Failed IVFs at 41 Years Old, Siobhan’s treatment helped us to finally get success in the end.

My partner and I have been trying for a baby for the last 5 years. After the first year with no success I went to see a consultant privately. I was put on a course of clomid for 4 months from June to September 2008. This was unsuccessful also and the next step was to have a more evasive examination a laparoscopy and dye. This was scheduled for 15th of January 2009 was cancelled due to no beds and re-scheduled for 26th of February 2009. I was told that I had grade 2 Endometriosis mostly to the left ovary and back of my womb and that I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally my only option was to go to a fertility clinic, at the same time I found out my younger sister was after given birth to a lovely baby girl in the same hospital you can image how I was feeling. I was then referred to a Fertility Clinic.

On 14th of July 2009 I went to see a consultant in the IVF Clinic and I had an internal scan which showed up a cyst on my left ovary was told it was nothing to worry about and that they would monitor it. Over the next couple of months we both had several std’s tests and numerous blood tests done, I also found out I wasn’t immune to rubella so I had to get a rubella booster which meant no treatment for 3 months. In December 2009 I started my first 6 week cycle of IVF treatment, this included being put on a downer and then an upper. Halfway through the cycle the cyst was after getting bigger so it had to be drained. Got the cyst drained the following day and continued taking medication, eight days later the cycle was cancelled as my estrogen levels were very low and I only had 2 follicles told to stop all medication there may be smaller cysts and to wait for next period before having another scan.

On 7th March 2010 I started my second 6 week cycle of IVF, 3 days into the cycle the cyst was drained for the second time. This cycle was going very well, we got to the stage of egg collection, we had 12 eggs to work with, 2 days after collection we were told 7 eggs were at the same stage and that this was the time to go to the blastocyst stage to filter out the best two embryos for transferring. 4 days later 6th April I had 2 embryo’s transferred a grade one egg and a grade two egg, 9 days later they did a blood test which came back negative, they hadn’t attached I was totally devastated.

Five months later I was starting my third course of IVF on 15th September, 7 days into the cycle the cyst was drained again for the third time. My downer was changed to an injection as there was a fault with the pump on the nasal spray. 17 days later the cycle was cancelled my estrogen level was 1400 but not enough follicles. 2 weeks later the consultant said the next thing we could do was to have the cyst removed so he referred me to another consultant who specialises in cyst removals in a Hospital. At this stage I was after having enough with all the blood tests, scans and probing very stressful & emotional time, so I was taking a break from it all while I waiting for the appointment to see the consultant about the cyst removal.

As the New Year was approaching a work colleague told me about Siobhan Kehoe who had helped a neighbour of hers to get pregnant through Chinese medicine of herbs and acupuncture, I had never heard of this before so I thought I would give this ago it can’t do any harm as western medicine hadn’t changed my situation in the last four and a half years. So I went to see Siobhan on 25th January 2011, I told her my history, she asked about my period, was it bright red, said there was a better chance of me conceiving if it was bright red. In all the treatment I was after having no one ever said to me that my period had to be bright red. My period had always been regular day 27 or 28 and a dark red colour with some brown spotting with night sweats and PMT. She started treating me for a kidney deficiency for the 1st half of my period and for liver Qi & blood stagnation in the second half of my period to help move blood and increase my estrogen levels and it could take six months to get things back on par. So she started me on a course of natural herbs, acupuncture and referred me to a dietitian. I continued to see Siobhan every month and met with a dietitian who altered my diet. I noticed my next period was redder and the night sweats had decreased. On the 15th March I had the cyst removed it was stuck to my left ovary which meant I lost half my left ovary in the operation. After recovering from the operation I went back to Siobhan and continued with the herbs & acupuncture.

I was due to go back to the consultant in an IVF Clinic on the 7th July. My period was 7 days late and I decided to do a pregnancy test. I took the test the morning I was due to go to the IVF Clinic at 6am, I screamed at my partner to come and check this result make sure I’m not seeing things, we couldn’t believe it was saying I was pregnant 3+ weeks. The minute 9am came I made an appointment with my GP and he did confirm that I was indeed 5 weeks pregnant I was so excited I wanted to tell the whole family. I phoned the IVF Clinic to cancel the appointment. Looking back on when I had my last period it was bright red and I had less PMT and night sweats. Siobhan has now given me herbs to prevent miscarriage which I have no problem taking also I am still having acupuncture. I took the herbs for a few more weeks till Siobhan was happy I didn’t need to be on them anymore. I’ve had two early pregnancy scans at eight weeks and just last week at twelve and thank god all is fine. I’m still attending Siobhan once a month for acupuncture which I will continue to do up until birth.

Thanks so much to Siobhan for making this come through she was so positive about this happening to me and I wasn’t as hopeful with everything I had been through. I can’t find the words to explain how we both feel. We are just over the moon and all we are praying for now is a happy healthy baby. We don’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s healthy. We can never thank Siobhan enough. I hope this brings inspiration to other couples who are trying for a baby, don’t give up I nearly did and now I am twelve and a half weeks pregnant tomorrow and I thank God and Siobhan that I didn’t. I would recommend you go talk to Siobhan.

Update 1/02/13
My healthy baby boy was born at term and is the joy of our lives. He is now 10 months old and is very healthy and thriving.
Mags Cosgrave, Co. Wexford