An alternative to IVF, trying for 2 years to conceive, a male perspective.

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To whom it may concern, for about two years my wife and I tried to have a baby but for some weird reason it was not happening, so the two of us went to our family Doctor, who sent us to an IVF Clinic where the two of us got tested and everything was fine. There was no problem with my sperm and no problems with my wife’s ovaries.

So the next step was IVF itself, which was a couple of thousand euros. I know my wife was hearth broken as we were nearly three years married and IVF was so expensive, my wife then researched online and found a woman called Siobhán Kehoe in Wexford who was able to help couples conceiving.

I remember thinking well the IVF Clinic said that it did not recommend Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and was totally against it. As a man I was more open minded to it but also a bit sceptical about it as well, but anyway I took a day off work and headed to Wexford and both myself and my wife met Siobhán. We had a consultation with her where she gave herbs to my wife. I remember coming home thinking did we just get scammed with all the herbs she had sold us. About two months had passed and I must say I noticed a change in my wife’s body but no joy in having a baby!

So we went back to Siobhán and she gave us more herbs and this time acupuncture. This time my wife did conceive and I know 100% that it was due to the herbs and the acupuncture, for anybody who is struggling please try Siobhán. I can say that the only person who helped us and she is truly legit. If you are thinking about it, you would not grow flowers in poor soil but in rich soil flowers will grow and it’s the same with the human body, and Siobhán knows her stuff really well. I personally would recommend her, and my baby daughter is the proof in the pudding.

On behalf of my wife and I thank you Siobhán for our beautiful baby girl.

Gerard & Aishling – Co.Mayo - 2020