Two and a Half Years Trying, Low Morphology ( Only 1% Normal)

To our surprise and delight the morphology went to 4%. Just two weeks later we found out that I was six weeks pregnant.

· Male-Infertility,Acupuncture

Myself and my husband are in our early thirties and would be quite healthy. We never thought we would have a problem trying to get pregnant. After two and a half years of trying and having no luck, we decided to attend Siobhán.

I had bloods taken, which came back normal, and my husband had a sperm analysis carried out. This came back with a poor result; the morphology was only 1%. This is a very low morphology.

I have to say, when my husband and I first attended Siobhán we were a little sceptical. However, we were both young and felt there had to be a natural way to get pregnant before attempting the IVF route.

Siobhán performed acupuncture on both of us, and gave us herbs to boil and take daily. We were put on a strict diet and told to give up alcohol.

Siobhán said that in order to get pregnant my husband’s morphology would have to improve to 4%. She told us that it could take up to six months of treatment to achieve this.


My periods had always been very heavy and dark in colour. After the first month of taking herbs, I noticed my period was completely different. It was a lot brighter and much lighter.


After five months of attending Siobhán, my husband had a repeat sperm analysis. To our surprise and delight the morphology was 4%. Just two weeks later we found out that I was six weeks pregnant.

It was hard at times to drink the herbs and stick to the diet, not knowing if it was actually doing any good for us, but as I write this I am 24-weeks pregnant and feel amazing!

Update: March ’15 Our healthy baby boy was born. I highly recommend anyone who is having difficulty conceiving to attend Siobhán. I cannot rate her high enough. I would like to thank Siobhán for all of her help.