Unexplained Infertility

Conditions Treated: Unexplained Infertility


Approximately one quarter of the couples Siobhán sees has been given a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. The standard investigations have come back normal. While this is reassuring for the couple it can also be very difficult to deal with, as they are not sure what needs to be fixed. TCM does not believe in unexplained infertility. There is always a reason why a couple are not getting pregnant.TCM is very effective in treating women and men with this frustrating diagnosis. In Chinese Medicine “unexplained infertility” is recognised as “impaired reproductive functioning”. This can be healed and supported by bringing the entire body back into balance.

Siobhan recognises the underlying reason following a TCM initial consultation where she uses the diagnostic tools of TCM. Including pulse diagnosis and examination of the tongue. The tongue helps to show imbalances in the particular system. When these imbalances are treated the reproductive system can begin to function normally.

Siobhán has rarely met a couple of child bearing age with all their reproductive system intact who are incapable of having a child. The vast majority become pregnant naturally. Also Siobhán helps to get the couple healthy if IVF is deemed necessary. Siobhán diagnosis’s the problem on the first consultation and treats the individual (male/female) accordingly. Siobhán treats the specific problem for example it may be an excess condition with the symptom of PMT and dark painful clotted periods. This is recognised as blood stagnation and the aim is to gently move the stagnation using Chinese Medicine. If a deficiency condition is recognised this will need to be nourished eg. Insufficient egg white discharge, scanty periods, tiredness, poor digestive system (may not be absorbing nutrients). Stress may also need to be addressed. It is important that the couple also take control of their own health and eat healthy foods, take herbs, avoid stress and try to live a balanced lifestyle.

TCM is very successful at treating unexplained infertility problems as the aim of treatment is to treat the individual problem to enable the body to get back into balance. When the body is in balance the couple have an excellent chance of getting pregnant naturally and carrying a healthy baby to term.