Very Low AMH, High FSH, Successful IVF twice.

By using the herbs and Chinese Medicine prescribed by Siobhán Kehoe, this made such a positive difference in going forward with IVF. We now have perfectly healthy twins and we are expecting baby no. 3 now.

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Failed IVF

Myself and my husband, both GPs, came to see Siobhán in July 2015. I had a background of endometriosis which was severe and had bilateral endometriomas removed in January 2015. Thereafter I had blood tests which confirmed a low AMH of 0.3 and a high FSH of 29. We had already consulted a private fertility clinic in London and had plans to proceed with IVF over the coming months.

Having read testimonials about Siobhán’s work online, I was keen to see her in advance of the IVF to give ourselves every possible chance of success. Siobhán encouraged us to try ‘her way’ with herbs and Chinese medicine for a few months but I had a sense of urgency and fear about me (partially due to my medical background) and was very adamant I’d be proceeding with the IVF. We both took herbs for five – six weeks during which I had a painless, bright red, what I would call healthy period for the first time in my life. I was very impressed by how powerful the herbs were.

In October 2016 we proceeded with IVF and had three eggs retrieved. One was immature (incapable of fertilization) but the other two both fertilized and were transferred at day 3. Two weeks later we found out I was pregnant with twins! I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and carried them to almost 38 weeks.

They are an absolute joy and are keeping us suitably busy. We have been back to Siobhán and I have referred lots of friends to her since. I really believe in her work, the power of the herbs and being more aware of practising self love.

"UPDATE" We went back to Siobhán in April of last year and started supplements and herbs again to prepare for IVF process again and at the end of September 2018, we were successful with baby No 3 and all went very well throughout the pregnancy.

My beautiful baby boy arrived at 39 weeks weighing in at 8lbs 13 ozs and needless to say were over the moon, the twins have now turned 2 and all is well.

Louise & Ronan,(GPS) Oct 2019.