40 Years Old and Advised to Have Hysterectomy or Uterine Ablation

"No hesitation in recommending Siobhan."

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I have just turned forty years of age last year, after having problems with my menstrual cycle for the preceding ten years. I was advised that the only solution to my problems was to have a hysterectomy or an uterine ablation which is where the lining of the uterus is burned away to prevent periods . However myself and my partner wanted another baby. Having always had an interest in alternative medicine, I decided to look into Siobhan’s fertility treatment. I had heard about a forty two year old woman who had become pregnant after attending midwife Siobhan’s clinic. So I made my first appointment for October 17th 2009. I noticed an immediate improvement in my monthly symptoms. Siobhan also gave me great midwifery advice and I fell pregnant in January 2010. My nine pound baby boy was born in October last year, nearly a year to the day of my first appointment.

Needless to say myself and my partner are thrilled. So much so that I have attended Siobhan to become pregnant once more. I can honestly say that I would have any hesitation in Siobhan’s treatment to anyone. It is successful and good for the soul and affordable.

Update October’14

I am now 43 and in January’14 I was told by a consultant obstetrician (after trying clomid) to give up baby thoughts. I decided to return to Siobhan and I began taking some more herbs. I thankfully got pregnant again in March’14. At 10 weeks into my pregnancy I had  threatened miscarriage. The hospital basically told me I will know if there is no hope. I returned to Siobhan again and 24 hours after taking more herbs the initial bleeding stopped totally. I still had some spotting but this stopped gradually and after 2 weeks the bleeding had stopped completely.

Update January’15

Healthy baby boy born at term.

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