One visit to Siobhan changed our lives forever

"I constantly recommend Siobhan to people."

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I believe one visit to Siobhan’s practice played a part in changing our lives forever.

I got my first period at the age of 15 and from then on my periods were irregular, usually occurring approximately 4 times a year. So at the age of 30 when myself and my partner decided to try for a baby I wasn’t surprised when things didn’t happen straight away.

My GP recommended your intervention after one year of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. I attended your practice in December 2010 where I had one session of acupuncture and received herbs to bring home.

Following this my period became regular for the first time in my life and occurred monthly from January 2013. This helped in so many ways and I got a positive pregnancy test in April 2013. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and I miscarried a few weeks later.

To our surprise we got another positive pregnancy test in August 2013 and couldn’t believe our luck. This time things turned out differently. I had an ideal pregnancy and gave birth to our little girl in April 2014.

Thanks you for everything I believe my once off visit to you made all the difference and I constantly recommend you to other people.