How Acupuncture and Herbs Helped me Conceive after 3 Miscarriages

"I high recommend Siobhan."

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After my 3 miscarriages I thought my only hope would be IVF until I spotted Siobhan in the media and then heard about her from friends. I felt like she was my last help.

I began attending Siobhan in July 2013 for consultation and acupuncture. I would highly recommend Siobhan; she was so friendly and listened intently to my story, even though I’m sure she’s heard many different stories before. I left my first appointment feeling a lot less stressed as I knew I was doing something positive for myself.

At first I was a little apprehensive about the herbs. The thought of drinking turned my stomach, but to my amazement after about two weeks I actually started to enjoy taking them. I started to feel like my body was craving them. I was delighted when my period didn’t arrive as expected in August, just one month after I started attending Siobhan.

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl in May 2014. I can never thank Siobhan for all that she has done for my husband and I. Our family is finally at long last complete with our little bundle of happiness, Saoirse.

Thank you Siobhan, from the bottom of my heart.

Maria, Wexford