Almost 40 – Trying to Conceive

"Siobhan really gave me encouragement."

· Over40-Years

After two years of trying to conceive a second child and almost 40 I was losing all hope of having a sibling for my daughter.  I had spent a huge amount of time researching fertility issues and had come across Siobhan Kehoe’s name previously but didn’t travel to Enniscorthy deciding it would be more convenient to go to an acupuncturist in Dublin. I had acupuncture with two practitioners during a period of 12 months prior to going to Siobhan but felt that I was getting little benefit from their treatment. After more research I decided to put my faith in Siobhan having read several positive reviews from other people who had fertility issues and who then had positive outcomes.

As time passed, I was finding it increasingly difficult to conceive and on the two occasions that I had become pregnant over a two year period, they both resulted in miscarriage, one at 11.5 weeks and the other at just over 7 weeks. I found that following the miscarriages my cycles had become very erratic and quite light. I didn’t feel as healthy as I had when I conceived my first child and my confidence in ever having another child was at an all time low.

I started acupuncture with Siobhan in late November 2012. Siobhan listened to my history and at the first appointment I felt that she had really diagnosed me accurately.  She recognised that my body was unhealthy and stated that I had Liver Qi stagnation and spleen Qi deficient. She felt that my body may be too weak to conceive or maintain a pregnancy and recommended a treatment plan that included a healthy diet avoiding wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol along with taking raw Chinese herbs, Barley Grass, Spirulina and acupuncture treatments. Siobhan confirmed that age is all in the mind and even though I had a low AMH that it wasn’t everything. She said that I needed to focus on getting myself healthy so that I could have healthy eggs and then go on to conceive successfully. After several weeks on the treatment plan which I stuck to rigidly, some friends had commented that I really looked healthy. I also felt it myself. My cycles become really healthy again and I experienced little or no PMT.

I had developed asthma on my first pregnancy and every time I subsequently became pregnant it became really severe to the extent that I could have told you I was pregnant from the development of the asthma symptoms without doing a pregnancy test. The change in diet and the herbs greatly eased my asthma.

I really had lost all hope of having another sibling and felt that we should be considering IVF due to my age. I had even started looking into it and was giving consideration to having treatment during 2013 but Siobhan advised otherwise. She was of the belief that once I got my eggs and body healthy that I should have no difficulty conceiving and avoiding another miscarriage. She gave me hope where I had very little.  I found Siobhan to be a straight talker and she really gave me encouragement. She suggested that it would take 3-4 months following her treatment plan before my body would be healthy enough to conceive. After just over 3 months attending Siobhan I got a positive pregnancy test.

I was so nervous throughout the pregnancy fearing another miscarriage but Siobhan continued to give me advice and was there when I was worried or concerned. I continued to take the herbs on and off up to week 20 of my pregnancy and also continued the diet though I did relax it slightly after 20 weeks. I have been blessed with a little daughter who was born in late 2013, she is a real treasure and one I often believed I would never have. I found Siobhan’s regime to be quite strict. The combination of the improved diet, barley grass, Spirulina, Chinese herbs and the acupuncture along with the positive mental attitude is what worked for me.

Siobhan has an in depth of knowledge from her years of working as a midwife and in the fertility field and that is what set her apart from others I had attended. I stuck with her recommendations and thankfully I have been fortunate.  I am so sorry I didn’t go to her sooner.  I have every confidence in Siobhan and I really can’t recommend her enough. She has made my family’s dreams come true and I would wish so many other couples on this road the happiness that we have recently experienced.

Grateful Mother,

Jan. 2014