Poor Semen Analysis Morphology

"She has a real passion and immense knowledge in her field."

· Male-Infertility,Failed IVF

You can read Richard and Margaret’s story here. With Siobhan’s help, Richard’s poor semen analysis morphology went from 1% to 5% and count went from 50 million to 260 million after 3 months treatment.

A rollercoaster journey from Richard & Margaret.

In 2008 we had 2 miscarriages. In 2009 we got pregnant and had our beautiful girl in 2010. We had another 3 miscarriages between 2010 and 2012. We are attending a fertility clinic and they have recommended we go for egg donation.

Richards Story:

After many blood and semen tests the results for my DNA Fragmentation and Morphology were as follows:

DNA    –           9th September 2013 = 17.5%

11th March 2014 = 63.7%

26th August 2014 = 30.2%

Morphology –  4th March 2014 = 99%             Count (50 x 10/6)

11th August 2014 = 95%                      Count (260 x 10/6)

Progressive Motility – 12% to 61%

When the results came back in March 2014 and my DNA was 63.7% the clinic sent me off for 3 months to get fit, lose weight and get healthy. I am now running and I am on the GI diet which has helped with my weight and energy levels. A friend of my wives mentioned going to Siobhan Kehoe in Enniscorthy so I made an appointment in the end of March and it is now August 2014 (5 months later) and thanks to Siobhan’s herbs and acupuncture my DNA and morphology are going in the right direction. The Morphology has come down by a staggering amount. I am also taking Green Barley capsules per day, Spirulina capsules per day, Lipoic Acid and pycnogenol. Siobhan had also recommended some dietary changes which we are both sticking to. Both of our energy levels have increased and we feel much healthier since going on the herbs and getting the acupuncture. My libido greatly increased which was great for both of us.

Margarets story:

I am also attending Siobhan for acupuncture and herbs since April 2014. I am also taking Green Barley capsules, Spirulina, Lipoic Acid 50mg per day and Pycnogenol 100 mg per day. My periods were irregular, clotty and old blood. They are now blood red and more regular with very little clotting. I am also taking vitamin D.

We both agree we can’t wait until we don’t have to get acupuncture and take horrible herbs, but with all the effort we have put into it we feel confident that we will get a good result. The clinic are hoping we will be referred for egg donation in December. If we do get pregnant Margaret will be going to Siobhan to get her help again, as we both feel confident that Siobhan can help us to stay pregnant. I have attached my results from the clinic. I would highly recommend Siobhan for anyone having fertility problems she has a real passion and immense knowledge in her field. And we hope to add to this next year with some great news….

Margaret & Richard