Age 38, 4 Failed IVF, Low AMH Told Donor Egg was Our Only Hope. Success After 3 Months on Herbs

I am only sorry that we didn’t go to Siobhan sooner.

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Donor Egg,Auto-immune,Failed IVF

My name is Catriona, I’m  age 38 and from Donegal. I started out on the fertility journey in May 2011, having got married the previous year, I decided to approach my GP as my periods (which had always been very regular) had started to become irregular and also extremely light. He prescribed me Clomid for 6 months, which was unsuccessful. I was then referred to a consultant who put me on Menopur injections along with scans & timed intercourse. We did this for 4 months with no success. After which time, my consultant advised me to proceed to IVF.

We underwent our first IVF treatment in October 2012 & were very disappointed when the cycle was cancelled just before egg collection as I had seemed to ovulate on my own before the egg collection, according to the result of bloods I had taken. The clinic said to leave it for 3 months before trying again. Overall, during this year I got my AMH tested 3 times, with the following results: 7.7, 2.3 and lastly 4.7, which was low for my age.

In January 2013, we had our 2nd attempt at IVF. After 11 days of injections, 8 eggs were retrieved, 4 of which were mature & fertilised. I had a 3 day transfer of 2 embryos (5 & 6 cell).

We had a negative outcome & were told my eggs were of poor quality and we had none left to freeze. My husbands sperm was of excellent quality (although there was slight clumping issues) we were advised this was not at all relevant, as the semen was washed during the IVF process.

We then moved to a new clinic & started our 3rd IVF in July 2013. This time we only got 2 mature eggs. Both fertilised and were of relatively good quality. They were transferred on day 4 (1 x Morula & 1 x 12 cell+) Unfortunately we had a negative result once again.

After this failed treatment, I then got blood tests done for auto immune disorders. The results showed slightly high Natural Killer cells & also positive for a type of blood clotting disorder. I was delighted that finally something had been found, as our infertility had previously been unexplained.

So in Nov 2013, we started our 4th IVF, hopeful that this would be our time. We threw the kitchen sink at it, took Steroids & intralipids also. We ended up with only 1 mature egg, which fertilised, but collapsed on Day 3, so we had nothing to transfer. We were devastated and told that our only hope of conceiving would be via donor egg.

The following month, I found out about Siobhan & her success stories, while researching online. We made an appt & myself & my husband drove the 4 hour journey from Donegal to visit Siobhan.

Siobhan asked questions like what my period was like & examined our tongues. This was such a refreshing approach, as we felt Siobhan was really listening to us & considering our case individually rather than the ivf conveyor belt we had previously been on.

I was delighted that she believed my light periods were a problem, (something I had continually mentioned to doctors previously who dismissed it as normal).

She told us that we were not an IVF case in her eyes and that I had a blood/liver deficiency which could be sorted with herbs, dietary changes amd natural supplements. She prescribed herbs tailored for me individually and I had to take different herbs at each stage of my cycle. She told us to give it 6 months and we should then be in an excellent position to conceive naturally.

We left Siobhans surgery that day full of hope that we could actually conceive a baby by ourselves….and with 2 bags full of herbs!!! (As we lived so far away, we bought enough herbs to keep us going for 2 months).

After 2 months my periods had started to get healthier.  Overall we made just 2 trips to Siobhan, after which time she posted the herbs to me. She also advised my husband to take a small dose of herbal capsules and natural supplements for his sperm clumping which I believe helped. (He did not have to take the herbs). 

I am delighted to say that after just 3 months of following Siobhans plan and taking herbs, I got pregnant naturally!! I now have a beautiful healthy baby boy, born December 2014.


Siobhan has stayed in touch with me to this day and was always at hand whenever I needed advice throughout my pregnancy. I completely credit her with making our dream of having a family come true, she gave us hope when we had almost given up and is such a reassuring person.

If you are having trouble conceiving, I would whole heartedly recommend Siobhan, she really does take a personal interest in you & her results speak for themselves! I have given her contact details to many couples who are in the same position that we were.

After reading many of the testimonials at Siobhans clinic, I can’t believe I am finally writing my own, after being told our only hope was a doner egg. I am only sorry that we didn’t go to Siobhan sooner and I hope my story brings hope to others.

Catriona 38 - Donegal - June 2015